2015 Local Music Album Releases

CD Reviews 23 Jan 2016

cd image 2015 Local Music Releases






As always, let us know of any additions.

132 releases counted so far.


Ancestra Three Hearts, One Dream
Andy Emmons Andy Emmons EP
Anthony Lamarr Declaration
Asumaya The Euphemist
Automatically Yours The Trouble With the World is Me
BaskET Wash This
Bassliss Commodities EP
Beautiful Friendship Winter: A Joyful Peace
Bell Monks Big Bay
Beth Kille Band Stark Raving Songbird
Brain Grimmer Nefarious
Bron Sage Reap Some Debt
Cactus Joe Becca
Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble Waiting Game
Caustic Faux Caus
Caustic Industrial Remixes
Chants We Are All Underwater
Cold Black River Hillbilly Zeus
CRASHprez More Perfect
Cribshitter Acapulco
Chris Plata Migration Road
Crown Embers Misweave in the Weft
Czarbles Nausea Trois
Devil to Drag Devil to Drag EP
Doctor Noise Shadows
Dogs of war American Sense
Dolores Peach Fuzz
Drive to the Ocean Drive to the Ocean
Dub Foundation Dub Foundation Meets Captain Smooth
Earthlings Lings
Elks Teeth and Rabbits Feet Elks Teeth and Rabbits Feet EP
Erik Kindstrom Path of Least Resistance EP
Erik Kindstrom Winter Gardens
Eric Schumann Endings
Everyone’s My Enemy EME EP
Fall II Rise Demise of the Empire
Gabe Burdulis Youth City
Gallant Ghosts Wheels EP
Gentle Brontosaurus Names of Things and What They Do
Getaway Drivers Bellatopia
Goochers Fight Fight Fight EP
Good Morning V Good Morning V EP
Graminy Dance of the Plants
Gran Fury Titan
Haliwell Pandemic
Harris Lemberg Trio Live at Audio for the Arts
Help Desk Help Desk EP
I Am Dragon Triumphs, Doubt and Everything Between EP
Ida Jo Guardian of Being
Jackie Bradley Some Shade of Blue
Jimmys Hot Dish
Joey Broyles Experimental EP
Kat Trio Kaleidoscope
Katie Burns Weighted Balloon
Kicksville Happy Hour at the High Noon Saloon
KIN Somewhere Town
Kingbloom Almost an Album
Kurtis D Welton Life is a Dance EP
Kyle Rightly Human Oscillator Vol. 1
Lords of the Trident Frostburn
Lovely Socialite Toxic Consonance
Luke Arvid Day of the Builder
Madison Malone Liminal
MAHR Her Manifesto
Mark Hetzler Blues, Ballads and Beyond
Mark Linsenmayer Songs from the Partially Examined Life
Marty Finkel $5 Cover
Meghan Rose and the Bones In Your Bones
Mellow Harsher Served Cold
Midas Bison Trios
Mono in Stereo Long for Yesterday
Mori Mente In There Somewhere
Nate Bjork Bridge Party: An Album Inspired By Under the Dome
Nate Meng The Gracious Captain Meets the Lady Stacey: a story in six parts
Nester Rainbow Dark
Night Rod Night Rock
Not Dead Yet Not Dead Yet
Oddsoul Growth
Oedipus Tex Band Silver Lion
Oh My Love Free Ways
Ossuary Cremation Ritual EP
Pat and Brigid Doty Dare to Entertain
Paul Filipowicz Rough Neck Blues
Red Tape Diaries Everything is Everything
Ritt Dietz small green blue letters
Roan Linden Commercial Investments
Rocket Bureau Low Times, High Anxiety
Royal Station Royal Station
Sexy Ester Sexy Ester
Silent Man Standing This Stolen Year
Sinister Resonance They Said…
Sir! No Sir! Scavenger
Skizzwhores Insomnia mania
Sky Urchin Crowns the Speed Queen
Skyline Sounds Color
Skunk Fume FrozenGrapeJuiceMachoLipstick
Spires That In The Sunset Rise Beasts in the Garden
Stephanie Rearick Every Thing Everything
Sunspot Weirdest Hits
Take the King Take the King
Tarapaulin Homesick EP
Teddy Davenport Middle of a Miracle
The Anderson Brothers Saints Don’t Sell
The Civil Engineers Save the Bridge (Under Construction) EP
The Drain End of the Drive
The Family Business Balls Pricey
The Hussy Galore
The Mascot Theory Esperanto EP
The Minotaurs Secret Deals
The New Baldones The Last Bookstore
The Schlosser-Kammer Project Our Thing May Not Be Your Thing
Tight Tiger Tight Tiger EP
Time is Relative Queen EP
Toothtaker Toothtaker Volume 2
Trap Saturn Duality
Trapo The Black Beverly Hills EP
Trophy Dad Shirtless Algebra Fridays
Tyranny is Tyranny The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Ultrea Forever Ascending
Untamed Untamed EP
Various Artists Local Love Fest 5
Various Artists Mesmerized in Madison
Various Artists rbandmembers
Venus in Furs Just Try it On
VO5 Dance Originality
We Are the Wild Things All at Once
Wheelhouse Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
Whiskey Farm Book of Matches
Wizard Magic Demos
Wood Chikens Live at Karl’s Kastle
ZE x ^
Zebras The City of Sun
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  1. HH
    December 15, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Tried to leave this comment earlier but it either got deleted or didn’t go through–I was suggesting you could add the following Madison releases from this year:
    – Gentle Brontosaurus: Names of Things and What They Do
    – Red Tape Diares: Everything Is Everything

  2. Rick Tvedt
    December 18, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Thanks, they’ve been added.

  3. Kurtis D. Welton
    December 21, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Kurtis D. Welton released a 3 song EP called “Life Is A Dance”.
    Can hear it at: http://bit.ly/1UYtDNg

  4. Pete Calgaro
    January 23, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    You could add:
    Pete Calgaro -“Being”
    Pete Calgaro -“Inner Sound”

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