FUTURE STUFF – Future Stuff EP

CD Reviews 27 Jan 2016

future stuff ep coverFUTURE STUFF – Future Stuff EP

(2016   Self-Release)


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Watch Future Stuff perform “Do You Remember” (Jarryd James Cover)


Future Stuff pairs Madison native Gabe Burdulis with Chicago’s Thea Grace. Yes they are a duo like the White Stripes. Yes, they use a lot of acoustic guitars, a standup bass and a lone kick drum like Mumford & Sons. Yes they are a couple, like Sonny & Cher or Porter & Dolly. And yes, they (and their music) are charming. But don’t let all the comparisons fool you into thinking this duo doesn’t have originality or talent. Anyone who has been paying any attention at all knows what a consummate musician Gabe Burdulis is; how he rose to popularity as a teen phenomenon, moved to Nashville to broaden his horizons and how he can just play the shit out a guitar across numerous styles. One minute he’s Prince, the next he’s John Mayer and the next he’s Ed Sheehan. This is just the latest step in his evolution which now incorporates the evolution of one Thea Grace whose voice and phrasing are a perfect match for Burdulis.

The pair have been doing a lot of radio promotion including a recent appearance Chicago’s WXRT. You can listen to their January 24th appearance on the Local Anesthetic show which is posted here. They’re also traveling across the country and it is only a matter of time before a label or suitable management comes calling, which will shock no one.

Future Stuff is mostly folk-pop with a slight deviation in the opener, “Act Like You Love Me,” a muscular blues workout that showcases Burdulis’ skills on electric guitar and incorporates tempo changes a la Jack White. “In Your Arms” puts forward the strength of Future Stuff, a clean, concise acoustic pop song with excellent vocal harmonies.

To gauge the intricacies of the recording process that produced this EP, check out “Long Time Coming,” where a close listen reveals all kinds of intricate flourishes. Burdulis’s acoustic skills are again on display on the sugary closer “Molasses Kiss.”

Future Stuff was recorded in Nashville with Britt Edwards and Chris Cameron, the same duo that co-produced and performed on Burdulis’ previous album Youth City (read a review here).  Consistent output and variations in style have made Burdulis an interesting artist to follow. He’s best taken in live and you catch Future Stuff at the Red Zone on February 19th with Kicksville and the Keon Andre Band.

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