Band Register

The Rick’s Cafe Band Register is Back!  (Well, sort of…)
Who doesn’t remember the Rick’s Cafe Band Register?  Back when Rick’s Cafe was still in print, the Band Register was one of the most popular resources that the paper offered.  It was used by bands to find each other to play gigs, by venues to look up band details, and by fans to awe at the incredible number of bands in the area that Rick’s Cafe served.

A Solution for All…
While we may not be bringing the Band Register back as it once was, it has been officially replaced (and arguably made better) by, and more specifically the Local Sounds Discography Museum portion, was conceived as a solution to a mixture of ideas, including a music preservation project, a complete discography library, and of course, a band register / social network.  Additional expansion plans are also in the pipeline.

Why Should I List Myself on
Articles published to Local Sounds Magazine will include social networking links to each topic’s profile. profiles will link to articles on the magazine, videos on Local Sounds TV, links to purchase music, and more. Local Sounds TV will link to magazine articles and Madtown Lounge profiles. Basically, all sites involved in Local Sounds will cross promote! This provides a means of getting more information about the artist, venue or other topic currently being discussed.  But in order for others to find you on, you have to be on!

Enough Talk… Where is it?
You can find and the Local Sounds Discography Museum at  Take the time to look over the information that’s already in there and we hope that you’ll choose to help and contribute to it. You can also register for by clicking the button below.


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