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BELLO – Bello (blue)

BELLO Bello (blue) (2014 Self-Release)   Bello released its first recording, Bello Means Beautiful, in 2012 to much-deserved local acclaim (read a review here). The trio, Ida Jo, Mike Droho and Scott Lamps, have worked together

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IDA JO – Uncharted

IDA JO Uncharted (2012 Self-Release)  sound clips here   purchase here   Ida Jo is one inspired person, releasing three solo recordings in as many years as well as being a member of Bello, who released their

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BELLO – Bello

BELLO – Bello (2012 Self-Release)  It’s funny that as things seemingly progress they seem to come around full-circle. Musical trends cycle, groups come and go, reform in various new constellations, drifting about and then coming back

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