Thank you for your interest to advertise with Local Sounds and Local Sounds Magazine. By considering the advertising opportunities outlined below, you will be getting onboard with a ground-breaking company that’s the first of its kind. We strive to help you develop a network of new industry relationships as well as enhance existing ones to increase exposure to your target markets.

Ad Opportunities
Local Sounds offers clients the ability to target marketing campaigns both physically and web-based. These ad opportunities will give your products and services exposure to an elusive music industry audience. In addition, new opportunities and outlets are being added regularly to increase your exposure and help get your message out.

Current outlets that provide advertising at Local Sounds include:

  • Local Sounds Magazine
  • Local Sounds Blog
  • Local Sounds TV
  • (formerly Madtown Lounge)

Audience Profile
Local Sounds is establishing itself as an industry gateway for the local music scene. Local Sounds currently offers you several ways to reach your target audience and your marketing objectives.

What type of audience will you find with us?

  • Local artists and/or musicians looking for services and products that benefit their musical ventures.
  • Local music fans looking for information that satisfies their music and entertainment preferences.

Ad Pricing / Campaign Development
For more information on how we can assist you in developing a solution that will help you meet your marketing needs and objectives, please email our advertising department and a representative will contact you.