BandSwap Kicks Off This Sunday with Illegal Pete’s Starving Artist Networking Party

Recent News 18 Sep 2013

ILLEGAL PETES PARTYBandSwap Kicks Off This Sunday with Illegal Pete’s Starving Artist Networking Party

Bandswap is coming to town this Sunday, Sept. 22 and the festivities will begin with a networking event at the Great Dane downtown. Dubbed “Illegal Pete’s Starving Artist Networking Party” the event will feature a Spokesbuzz representative from Ft. Collins who will talk about the program. This a an opportunity to show your support for your local music scene.

If you wish to attend you’ll need to RSVP and you can do that here.

Bandswap is a program of Spokesbuzz, a nonprofit based in Ft. Collins that works to reinforce and promote the local musicians of Ft. Collins. Bandswap reaches out to several like-minded cities and creates an opportunity for Ft. Collins bands to appear in the host cities. Each host city chooses a band to represent its local music scene based on criteria that includes availability, compatability with the Ft. Collins band, activity in the local music scene, etc. Those host city bands then travel to Ft. Collins to take part in the Bandswap event there which takes place at several venues across the city. Each band member receives $600 to make the journey. The bands split the available take at each of the live performances.

Spokesbuzz seeks to encourage other cities in the country to adopt a similar model and promote local musicians. They strongly encourage investment from those cities as well as the procurement of other sponsors. The charge was led by Madison Art Commission’s Karin Wolf who put together enough sponsorships to cover the $5,000 participation fee when the city failed to lend support. New Belgium Brewing, Majestic Live, Wisconsin Distributors and the High Noon Saloon all stepped up to plate. The Madison Area Music Association and Local Sounds Magazine are lending promotional support. This is the type of effort our city needs to get behind and you need to be there to show your support and to encourage the city of Madison to make budgetary considerations to support local music.

To learn more about Spokesbuzz read the article here or visit their website or view this video.


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