DISTANT CUZINS – Songs About Girls

CD Reviews 28 Jul 2019

DISTANT CUZINS – Songs About Girls

(2019  Self-Release)

The CD Release Event for Songs About Girls is August 4th at the High Noon Saloon. Also on the bill are Rockonsin 2019 champions Quick & Painless and Mortality Play.

You can purchase Songs About Girls here.

It was just a few short years ago when all of Distant Cuzins‘ members were in high school and ripping it up at the Rockonsin (fka Launchpad) state garage band competition. That jump-started a slew of recognitions for the band including: 2015 Launchpad Battle of the Bands Runner-Up, 2015 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Rising Star Nominee, 2016 Rockonsin Battle of the Bands Wisconsin State Champion, 2016 Madison Area Music Association Breakthrough Artist of the Year, 2017 Rockonsin Battle of the Bands Wisconsin State Champion and 2017 Kilbourn City Live Battle of the Bands Champion.

The self-proclaimed keepers of the flame of authentic old-school rock-n-roll, the band have soldiered on brilliantly, bridging the college distance gap to keep the machine humming. Songs About Girls is the third release from Distant Cuzins and you know the boys are growing up in Stones-style fashion when they include a tune titled “Let’s Sleep Together.” Just last month guitarist Nate Krause was the first to become officially legal age. But age is no barrier to these guys; they gig as often as they can including a recent showing at Summerfest which they’ve already played a number of times. Here’s a pic of lead guitarist and sublime showman Sam Miess’s Les Paul (nicked from their Facebook page) in case you were wondering how much effort they put into that one.

This is not a hobby band. These guys are for real. They don’t take themselves too seriously and that suits the music just fine. And I’m betting they don’t give one fuck if you think they’re too young to be singing, “I’m So Drunk,” a steamroller of a fuck-it-I-lost-my-girlfriend workout. As you can guess, all the songs are about girls and the hormonal raging of youthful beings. Nic Tierman spits out Jagger-esque swagger with authority while the band cranks out straight-up rock and punkabilly. Ace drummer Ben Lokuta drives the rhythm like a finely-tuned Maserati.

The aforementioned “Let’s Sleep Together,” burns; a spikey guitar riff, a bass guitar groove on the verses, a chorus that glues to the inside of your skull and a killer guitar solo. What more could you want? How about “Dance in the Moonlight?” All Stones-y guitar finesse, white-knight-to-the-rescue lyrics and a great power building arrangement. Not just girls. Girls and cocktails. Or how about the Strokes-meets-rockabilly of “C’Mon Claire,” a showcase for the group’s vocals and ability to write clever lyrics that scream “Dancefloor!”

Distant Cuzins don’t just go to 11, they go to 22. They were born to be experienced onstage so get them on your bucket-list. They might even break a limb onstage but dammit, the show will go on!

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