Somebody Get Me a…Pizza!

sexy-pizzaSomebody Get Me a…Pizza!

Can you believe what is happening in our country right now?? I am appalled that things have gotten this bad, and that WE THE PEOPLE haven’t stood up and solved this ourselves. If this continues, this will destroy the fabric of our country’s cheap-foreign-made denim.

Are you with me?? This is an atrocity, I mean, how is it that in this day and age: FOOTBALL PLAYERS HAVE TO RETRIEVE THEIR OWN PIZZAS? After all we as a nation have endured, then…this..Nate Burleson Crashes because of pizza

I mean…goodness gracious, give a bass player his job back and allow him to do what he does one note, and deliver one pizza, at a time. (not necessarily in that order)

Oh then there’s the government Showdown to Shutdown. Here, hire this bartender to guard the doors at the Capitol to keep out the idiot politicians…job done. She could make pizza for everyone…two stoners killed with one bird I say.

We have had another fabulous summer, with last hurrah of an outdoor festival this Sunday in our hometown of New Glarus’ Oktoberfest

We will also be in Chicago this Saturday night at Untitled from 8-11 pm.

A VERY special night next Thursday at Tofflers brings in guitar legend Bryan Lee to play with us!! It is a cd release party for them, and is gonna rock!!!!

We are also honored to be in the running for Best of Madison Magazine’s Vote The Jimmys under “local band or singer”  We were voted Best band in Madison for 2013 because of you, we’ll have a pizza party if we win again. (Claims subject to change:-)

AND don’t forget our trip The Jimmys in Dominican Republic in March!!!!!!! Only a handful of seats left, a down-payment is needed in the next couple of weeks!!!!

Thanks and hang in there America, as long as we have Live Music, everything will be aaALLLRright!!

Love and Pizza, Jimmy

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