2012 Madison Area Album Releases

CD Reviews 02 Dec 2012





Artist Title
4 Aspirin Morning Shanks IV: the Memories
Anna Vogelzang Canary in a Coal Mine
A Torrid Affair
Anthony Lamarr Act Two: The Way of the World
APOLOGISTS Death By Misadventure
Arkoffs Top Teen Hits
Art Paul Schlosser Show Me Your Crazy Legs
Baristacide Baristacide
Bass Combobulation Bed Room Hack
Bell Monks Let the Waves Carry Us
Bello Bello
Ben Scahapiro 617-797-5411
Benjamin David Kerns Mandatory Quarantine
Beth Kille Dust
Bin Men Sensible Hair Cuts
Black Water Gin Black Water Gin
Blizzard at`Sea Invariance
Bluegills Bluegills
Blueheels Weather Machine
Butt Funnel 3 1/2″ Floppy
Chaos Revolution Theory Wisconsin Stomp Rock
Caustic The Man Who Couldn’t Stop
Cemetary Improvement Society The Scarye Book
Combustible Trio Neo-bop
Control Schulte, A
Count This Penny Pitchman
Cribshitter Mint Car
Dang-Its Lick of Sense
Daniel Anderson Weight and Sea
Darius Walker The Resistance
Das Binky Hurtful Nothings
DEFCEE Out From Under
Denise Jackson Welcom to Jacksonville
Dharmonic Deluxe Golden Arrow
Dick the Bruiser Purgatory Stories and Severe Songs
Dieter Schaaf  I Am a Child
Dixie Sizzlers Live! At bthe Gandy Dancer Festival
DLO the Iceman Pempstrumentals V: The Ghost Sessions
DLO the Iceman Freewrites
Duke Daeo Further Definitions
E-Sweez Behind Green Eyes
Echo Island In Circles
El Tin Fun Ghosts on television
El Valiente White Commanche
Eugene Smiles Project Pistols on Parade
Evan Riley Release
Family Business Nightmares and Wildest Dreams
Field and James I Get the Best of You
Folie Stasis The Wave Game
Gavin Jones The Fountain
Glacier Monolithic
Golden Donna Golden Donna
Gomers Gomerica
Grand Theft Portal Torn
Helliphant Human Beast
Hewn Hewn
Hometown Sweethearts Hometown Sweethearts
Hussy Weed Seizure
I Am Dragon Studio Compilations Volume 1
Ida Jo Uncharted
Jackie Bradley  Postcards in the Attic
Jimmy Murn & the Haymakers Hudson River Rookie
Joe Sokolinsky Suite No.1 in D Minor for Two Guitars
Ladies Must Swing For the Thrill
Ken Lonnquist Our Place and Time
Kicksville The Singles Vol. 4
L-Win It’s ME!
Little Legend Little Legend EP
LORI BEIL Come to Me
Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps Registers Her Delight
Lucas Cates band Good Folks
Madison County Perspective
MaNIH 8’6 A.D. 6
Mark Hetzler Three Views
Mascot Theory Under the Borrowed Moon
Masked Intruder Masked Intruder
Max Dvorak and the Substructure Home
Midnight Voices Midnight Voices
Mikayla Braun Mikayla
Mr. Bomb Mr. Bomb’s Wild Ride
Nick Brown Slow Boat
Noxroy Cotelydon Observatory
Oedipus Tex Borracho Corazon
Old Farm Dog Old Farm Dog
Paul Otteson Robin Red
People Brothers Band People Brothers Live
Peg Algar Tired of Your Jive
Pete Calgaro Bliss
Pete Calgaro Rhythm of Life
PHOX Friendship
PHOX Unblushing
Piano Poet Piano Poet Volume 1
Post Social Post Social
Pretty Victims Light’s Out
Prisms Prisms
Pyroklast The Madness Confounds
Redefined Inside Out
Reptile Palace Orchestra Songs and Dances of Madisonia
Sam Lyons The Light
Samantha Glass Mysteries From the Palomino Skyliner
Sand Load Your Guns
Scott and Mike’s Hammond Organ Night Poolside Cocktails
Scott Lamps Kindred
Scott Lamps Simple Man
Sinking Suns Demo
Sonntag In Paths Too Dark for Seeing
Spires That in the Sunset Rise Ancient patience Wills it Again Vol. 1
Spires That in the Sunset Rise Ancient patience Wills it Again Vol. 2
State Maps Killer Hill Day
Stephen Lee Rich Free Range Sofas
Sugar Jets The Pamphleteers
Sun Voyage One More Nightfall
Tani Diakite & the Afrofunkstars Dalonkan
Tefman Feel Good Music
The Mustache Let it Grow
The Recipe Jesse Lester
Tony DiPofi  Dreadful News from a Recently Refurbished Garage
Troy Schafer Supreme Happiness Forever
Troy Schafer Evening Song Awaken
Underdogs Underdogs
Vanessa Tortolano Inclination
Various Artists BAMFest Vol III : Gulf Relief
Various Artists Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising
Various Artists M.A.X.MAS Vol. 3
Various Artists Live on U Dub
Various Artists A Winter’s Wish
Velvet Smash Smashing
Vibrationland Where it Hz
Vibebox Music Shadows on the Sun
Virgo Vertigo Tabla Rasa
Warseid Where Fate Lies Unbound
Waylan St Palen & the Magic Elves Coming for Christmas
Whitney Mann This Little Light of Mine
Yid Vicious AMAZE at the Plant Hypnotist!
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