Bob Manor and the Getaway Drivers @ the High Noon Saloon – January 8, 2010

Bob Manor and the Getaway Drivers @ the High Noon Saloon – January 8, 2010

Written by Karl Tollefson

The High Noon Saloon played host to a CD release party for Bob Manor and the Getaway Drivers in honor of their latest EP entitled The Truth Is Where It’s Alway’s Been. It was a superb turnout for an early show and the band performed with all the passion and beautiful harmony they have come to be known for. The  haunting and ethereal voice play between Bob Manor and violinist/madolinist/vocalist Sheila Shigley is reflected in the joy in their faces as they perform, and their chemistry works its way from the ears to the very soul.

Barb Chusid (Photo by Karl Tollefson)

The Getaway Drivers describe their musical style as somthing all their own, yet their is something comfortably familiar in their approach. Comparable to performers such as Fleetwood Mac yes, but not to be so alike that its musical plagerism.

The cello of Stephen Pingry flows around and intertwines with the picking of Sheila Shigley on one of the many string instruments she may be playing, while rhythm and lead guitarist Dan Kennedy adds colorful and tasteful flourishes.  Tom Broeske’s bass Gail Campbell’s drumming and percussion  fuel the machine with precision. Every instrument, down to the keyboards and melodica played by Barbara Chusid, serves to harmonize and puncuate without intruding on the song structures. All these elements fall in behind the lead vocals of Bob Manor and it’s his rhythm guitar playing and the vocal duets with Shigley that complete and define the Getaway Drivers.



Sheila Shigley and Bob Manor (Photo by Karl Tollefson)







Sheila Shigley (photo by Rick Tvedt)

Bob Manor (photo by Karl Tollefson)

Gail Campbell (photo by Karl Tollefson)

Steve Pingry (Photo by Karl Tollefson)

Tom Broeske (Photo by Karl Tollefson)

Dan Kennedy (Photo by Karl Tollefson)

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