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If you haven’t heard Michael Darling yet, you really should. Darling is easily the best new artist to come along in a long while. His ornamental pop/rock matches a singer-songwriter’s flair with the lyrical wit of a fine author. Fans of Father John Misty will be especially impressed.

He also has a flair for video production. Take this excellent film for “Straight,” a good representation of his ability to combine beautifully melodic vocals and a dramatic arrangement with weighty lyrics and humorous visual charm.

After building a local following and becoming a full-time musician, Darling is embarking on his first tour.

Check out his filmed live performance for the 2021 Madison Area Music Association Awards:

Darling also has an excellent new video for his single, “Coffee.” The copy from his post announcing the video: “OK a Michael Darling and Jake Viaene (Bard Media) collaboration is always going to be a good time, but this one is PHE.NOM.EN.AL. So quirky, so fun and packed with so much meaning. It’ll get stuck in your head and make you smile. Watch it all the way to the end. Plus, Oshkosh even makes an appearance!”

It’s true, it will make you smile.

Musicians of Darling’s caliber often don’t stay in Madison. They are lured to the East, West or Mid-Coasts due to Madison’s lack of music industry infrastructure. Darling is certainly worthy of wider recognition. Here’s hoping he sticks around but catch him while you can!


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