Madison Area Music Awards Announces 2016 Winners

Recent News 24 Jun 2016


Madison Area Music Awards Announces 2016 Winners

Below is the list of this year’s Madison Area Music Awards winners. Congratulations to all!



Artist of the Year: The Mascot Theory

Broadjam Lifetime Achievement Award: Jonathan and Susan Lipp of Full Compass

Musicnotes Musical Career Recognition Award: Chris Wagoner and Mary Gaines




Heid Music Student of the Year: Robert Rockman (Homeschooled)

Heid Music Teacher of the Year: Shauncey Ali (Madfiddle & Highway 51)



Alternative Album of the Year: In Your Bones – Meghan Rose and the Bones

Alternative Performer of the Year: German Art Students

Alternative Song of the Year: “Can’t Stay” – Meghan Rose and The Bones


Blues Album of the Year: Hot Dish – The Jimmys

Blues Performer of the Year: The Jimmys

Blues Song of the Year: “Lose That Woman” – The Jimmys


Children’s Performer of the Year: David Landau

Children’s Song of the Year: “Zero to Hero” – The Sclosser-Kammer Project


Classical Album of the Year: Dance of the Plants – Graminy

Classical Performer of the Year: Jeff Weiss

Classical Song of the Year: “Song for Kacy” – Graminy


Country/Bluegrass Album of the Year: Meanwhile…Back at the Ranch – Wheelhouse

Country/Bluegrass Performer of the Year: Wheelhouse

Country/Bluegrass Song of the Year: “Ol’ #7” – Wheelhouse


Electronic Album of the Year: Experimental EP – Joey Broyles

Electronic Performer of the Year: Joey Broyles

Electronic Song of the Year: “Super Psycho Stars” – Joey Broyles


Folk/Americana Album of the Year: Esperanto – The Mascot Theory

Folk/Americana Performer of the Year: The Mascot Theory

Folk/Americana Song of the Year: “First Summer Breeze” – The Mascot Theory


Hard Rock/Punk Album of the Year: Just Try it On  – Venus in Furs

Hard Rock/Punk Performer of the Year: Venus in Furs

Hard Rock/Punk Song of the Year: “Messiah Complex” – Sunspot


Hip-Hop Performer of the Year: Dogs of War

Hip-Hop Song of the Year: “Breathe” (feat. D.L.O. the Iceman, Smokes, & Clifton Beefy) – Anthony Lamarr


Jazz Album of the Year: Toxic Consequence – Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps

Jazz Performer of the Year: The Big Payback

Jazz Song of the Year: “Settle for the Best” – Kaia Kalise


Pop/R&B Album of the Year: Liminal – Madison Malone

Pop/R&B Performer of the Year: Madison Malone

Pop/R&B Song of the Year: “Light” – Anthony Lamarr


Rock Album of the Year: Weirdest Hits – Sunspot

Rock Performer of the Year: Meghan Rose and the Bones

Rock Song of the Year: “Suburban Summer Shine” – The Getaway Drivers


Unique Album of the Year: Dance Originality – VO5

Unique Performer of the Year: Cribshitter

Unique Song of the Year: “I Like Your Hat” – Eddie Ate Dynamite


World Album of the Year: Dub Foundation Meets Captain Smooth – Dub Foundation

World Performer of the Year: Natty Nation

World Song of the Year: “Two Things” – The Earthlings





Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Trap Saturn

New Artist of the Year: Trap Saturn

Cover Song of the Year: “Cocaine” – Cribshitter

Video of the Year: Boys Don’t Do That – Joey Broyles

Female Vocalist of the Year: Meghan Rose

Male Vocalist of the Year: Erik Kjelland

Ensemble Vocals of the Year: The Mascot Theory

Bassist of the Year: Gordon Ranney (Gomers/VO5/Steely Dane/Prog)

Brass Instrumentalist of the Year: Jamie Kember (The Big Payback)

Drummer/Percussionist of the Year: Wendy Lynn Staats (Sunspot)

Guitarist of the Year: Gabe Burdulis

Keyboardist of the Year: Jimmy Voegeli (The Jimmys)

Specialty Instrumentalist of the Year: Anna Vogelzang (Banjo)

Strings Instrumentalist of the Year: Biff Blumfumgagnge (Gomers/Kicksville)

Woodwinds Instrumentalist of the Year: Pete Ross (The Jimmys)



Cover Band of the Year: Gold Dust Women

DJ of the Year: Kayla Kush

Live Sound Engineer of the Year: Lonya Nenashev

Local Live Music Venue of the Year: High Noon Saloon

Local Music Fan of the Year: Sarah Warmke

Local Music Publication/Blog of the Year: Maximum Ink

Local Music Radio Personality of the Year: Gabby Parsons
Local Music Radio Station of the Year: WORT 89.9 FM

Local Recorded Music Store of the Year:  Strictly Discs

CD or Vinyl Packaging of the Year: The Mascot Theory

Photographer of the Year: James Pederson
Producer of the Year: Beth Kille

Recording Studio of the Year: Blast House Studios

Roadie of the Year: Alejandro Velazquez

Studio Sound Engineer of the Year: Mike Zirkel



Youth Brass Instrumentalist: Joseph Rockman, Sun Prairie High School

Youth Woodwind Instrumentalist: Silas Jordan, Columbus High School

Youth String Instrumentalist: Jimmy Chen, Kromery Middle School

Youth Keyboard Instrumentalist: – James Forman, Waterloo High School

Youth Guitarist:  Raine Stern

Youth Drums/Percussion: Galen Austin – Take the King

Youth Male Vocalist:  Nathan Hanna, Marshall, High School

Youth Female Vocalist: Chloe Flesch, Lodi High School

Youth Band/Ensemble of the Year: Take the King

Youth Song of the Year:  Raine Stern – Perspecitve

Youth Album of the Year: Take the King – Take the King

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