CZARBLES – Nausea Trois

CD Reviews 29 Jul 2015

czarbles nausea trois cd coverCZARBLES – Nausea Trois

(2015 (Self-Release)

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I like all kinds of music, with the exception of fundamentalist country and a few select others. It takes a lot to turn me off. I can only go so long without a fix of King Crimson, truth be told. It calls to me from the hallows of the deep (the basement music storeroom) from time to time. Sometimes I want to be soothed and sometimes I want to dance. Sometimes I want to marvel in lyrical wordsmith and sometimes I just want to wonder to myself, “Okay, how in the hell are they doing that?”

Czarbles have always satisfied that King Crimson fixation for me. It may also satisfy your Rush or Umphrey’s McGee longings. But with Czarbles you don’t have to sit through all the exposition. Nausea Trois is only 12:00 minutes long (about as long as my favorite KC track “Starless”) and contains six tracks. There is some sort of punk ethos in this but that is where it stops. Czarbles play intense math rock and there is not a whiff of mellotron. The six tracks bleed into each other so feel free to think of it as one song with six parts.

Czarbles are a trio and five of the songs have three letters. The sixth, “Our Old Home,” as you can see, has three words. Clever, these chaps are clever.

If you are anything like me – and you may be, I’m pretty certain I’m not alone in the musical universe – you’ll find yourself pressing “replay” four or five times. Damn, it just feels good. Let it be stated, however, that the “replay” button would be employed by me regardless of the length and following the fourth or fifth replay I’d still be finding myself asking, “How in the hell are they doing that?”

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