Madison Area Music Awards Announce 2015 Nominees

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MAMAs 2012 LogoMadison Area Music Association Announces 2015 MAMA Awards Nominees


The Madison Area Music Association announced the 2015 MAMA Awards Finalists at a gala event at the Brink Lounge on Saturday, March 28. The event featured a silent auction, musical performances by Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets, Lazydeadpoets and the Lucas Cates Band. Lords of the Trident vocalist Ty Christian was hilarious as the MC and the announcements saw a large crowd of onlookers craning their necks to watch the video presentation.

Notably, the Finalists include a lot of newer artists mixed in with the solid stalwarts of the scene. Anna Vogelzang and I Saw the Creature lead the way with eight nominations apiece. Right behind them are the Mascot Theory with seven. Art Paul Sclosser, Annabel Lee, Gabe Burdulis, Jim Schwall, Joey Broyles, sheshe and The Jimmys each have six.

Finalists for the coveted Artist of the Year include Vogelzang, the Mascot Theory, Modern Mod and Sexy Ester. Modern Mod’s nomination is especially notable as the band are just out of high school. I saw the Creature is of a similar age. Those are major achievements and underscores the efforts of MAMA, Girls Rock Camp, Launchpad and others who are working hard to insure that the next generation of Madison greats has ample opportunities.

The MAMA Awards will take place on Sunday, July 12 at the Capitol Theater in the Overture Center. Red Carpet is at 6 pm with the ceremony running 710 pm. The event is Madison’s version of the Grammys and puts the spotlight squarely on the organization’s mission to provide musical instruments and fund music education programs for Madison-area youths.

Below is the full list of nominees:


2015 MAMA Award Finalists


Artist of the Year  

Anna Vogelzang

Modern Mod

Sexy Ester

The Mascot Theory

Breakthrough Artist


Karen Wheelock


The Wells Division

Oh My Love

The Civil Engineers

The Wild Things


Dogs of War (Alternate)

Trap Saturn (Alternate)

New Artist of the Year

Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets

Karen Wheelock

Madison Malone

Oh My Love



Genre Awards


Album of the Year

Alternative Album

Jackie Bradley – Comet Boy

Stop the Clock Gifted At The Hula

Dolores – Nectar Fields

Modern Mod – Tunnels

Blues Album

The Blues Party! – Always Take the High Road

Tin Can – Diamonds In the Rough

Boo Bradley – Rub Rub Rub

TBurns – Taking Liberties

Compilation Album

M.A.XMAS – MAXMAS Volume V (The Search for MAXMAS IV)

Country/Bluegrass Album

The Mascot Theory – Hand Me Down Miracles

Point Five – Pecatonica

Corinne McKnight – Take My Hand

SpareTime Bluegrass – Vauxhall

Electronic Album

Joey Broyles – Future Pop Revolution

Annabel Lee – Hush Hush EP

Kicksville – The Singles – Season 6

Craig Walkner – The Watcher of Thoughts

Folk/Americana Album

Anna Vogelzang – Driftless

Karen Wheelock – Imaginary Girl

Little Red Wolf – Junk Sparrow

Ida Jo – The Current

Hard Rock/Punk Album

Help Desk – Help Desk

Damsel Trash – Soup for Sluts

The Garza – The Garza

Hip-Hop Album

Dogs of War – Dogs of War EP

Chris LaBella – Flyaway EP

Play Fair Cypher – I Want More

Conscious Object – Wayfinder

Jazz Album

Unity Jazz Band – I Will Believe

Clay Lyons – Never Land

Lo Marie – Solid Ground

Tom Gullion – Time It Is

Pop/R&B Album

Madison Malone – Madison Malone EP

The People Brothers Band – Middle of the In Between

Gabe Burdulis – The Little Things

Sam Lyons – Trance

Rock Album

Sky Urchin – Now Is No Time

Nick Matthews and the Knuckle Sandwich – Sucker Punch

The German Art Students – Time Machine

I Saw the Creature – You Are Singer

Unique Album

Jim Schwall – Bar Time Lovers

Cajun Strangers – Louisiana Boogie

Beth Kille and Erik Kjelland – North Star Sessions

Richard Wiegel – Wiegel Room

World Album

The Roots Band – The Roots Band 1977

The Kissers – Three Sails



Song of the Year


Alternative Song

I Saw the Creature – “Education”

Annabel Lee – “Hush Hush”

Modern Mod – “Papercuts”

Art Paul Schlosser – “The Scary Music”

Blues Song

Jim Schwall – “Blues For Haley”

Boo Bradley – “Road Again”

The People Brothers Band – “The Light”

I Saw the Creature – “You Told Me”

Children’s Song

Art Paul Schlosser – “Jamming ?”

Black Star Drum Line(feat. DLO, Ant Da Hope Boy, Rob Dz) – “Slam”

Classical Song

Richard Wiegel – “Richard’s Rondo”

Country/Bluegrass Song

The Family Business – “Funeral”

Little Red Wolf – “Gingerbread Bidet”

Jim Schwall – “Make Believe”

Anna Vogelzang – “Vanguard”

Cover Song

Falcon – “Eleanor Rigby”

The Mascot Theory – “Hey Jealousy”

Art Paul Schlosser – “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

The People Brothers Band – “St James Infirmary”

Electronic Song

Joey Broyles – “Andy Warhol”

Jackie Bradley – “Kaleidoscope”

Annabel Lee – “Live or Die”

I Saw the Creature – “Tear It Down (DJ Pain1 Remix)”

Folk/Americana Song

Anna Vogelzang – “Amarillo”

Karen Wheelock – “Imaginary Girl”

The Mascot Theory – “Monterey”

SheShe – “Textbook Delusional”

Hard Rock/Punk Song

I Saw the Creature – “Bird Thoughts”

The German Art Students – “Instant Coffee”

Damsel Trash – “More Drunk, Less Pregnant”

Nester – “The Alchemist”

Hip Hop Song

Dogs of War – “Go”

Kicksville – “Love Song”

Play Fair Cypher – “Part 1 prod by DJ Pain 1”

Anthony Lamarr – “Pray”

Jazz Song

Jackie Bradley – “Build a Bear”

Clay Lyons – “Business Time”

Lo Marie – “Solid Ground”

Kaia Elizabeth – “Where Were You”

Pop/R&B Song

Joey Broyles – “Boys Don’t Do That”

Dolores – “Hustle”

Gabe Burdulis – “Little Yellow House”

Sam Lyons – “Trance”

Rock Song

Liz Petty/Beth Kille – “Authenticity”

The Family Business – “Long Drive”

The German Art Students – “Time Machine”

The Mascot Theory – “When I Drift Away”

Unique Song

Anna Vogelzang – “Lion”

Beth Kille and Erik Kjelland – “North Star”

SheShe – “One More Hit”

The Family Business – “Spinning Around”

Wish You Were Here Song

Matt Pierce – “Pick Up the Pieces of My Heart”

World Song

Kicksville – “Beaufort Tides”

The Kissers – “Montreal”

Art Paul Schlosser – “Peace, Love and Music “

John Duggleby – “Testify”


Performer of the Year


Alternative Performer

I Saw the Creature


Sexy Ester

Stereo Side Effect

Blues Performer  

Boo Bradley

Megan Bobo & the Lux

The Jimmys

The Rotation

Children’s Performer

Art Paul Schlosser

Black Star Drum Line

David Landau

Country/Bluegrass Performer

Augie Zibell

Corinne McKnight

Kyle Rightley

Old Farm Dog

Cover Band Performer


Steely Dane

The Blue Olives


Electronic Performer

Annabel Lee

Joey Broyles

Null Device

Oh My Love

Folk/Americana Performer

Ida Jo

Jim Schwall

Karen Wheelock

The Mascot Theory

Hard Rock/Punk Performer

Eddie Ate Dynamite

Lords of the Trident



Hip-Hop Performer

Conscious Object

Dogs of War

Keon Andre Band

Play Fair Cypher

Jazz Performer

The Big Payback

Tom Gullion

Pop/R&B Performer

Anthony Lamarr

Gabe Burdulis

Sam Lyons

The People Brothers Band

Rock Performer

Joey B. Banks

John Masino

The Family Business

The German Art Students

Unique Performer  

Anna Vogelzang

Damsel Trash

Nude Human


World Performer

David Hecht

Natty Nation

The Kissers


Non-Genre Awards


Video of the Year

Joey Broyles – “Burn the Money”

Annabel Lee – “Live or Die”

Anthony Lamarr – “Masquerade”

The Sharrows – “Yours and Mine”


Vocalists of the Year


Ensemble Vocals

Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets

Little Red Wolf


The German Art Students

Female Vocalist

Annabel Lee

Briana Hardyman

Lyndsay Evans

Meghan Rose

Male Vocalist

Biff Blumfumgagnge

Erik Kjelland

Gabe Burdulis

Sam Lyons


Instrumentalists of the Year



Gabe Burdulis

JAH Boogie – Natty Nation

Ken Fitzsimmons – The Kissers

Meghan Rose – I Saw the Creature


Darren Sterud – The Jimmys

Jamie Kember – The Big Payback

Kyle Rightley – Kyle Rightley

Mike Boman – The Jimmys


Emily Mills – Damsel Trash

Joey B. Banks – The Big Payback

Mauro Magellan – The Jimmys

Paul Kennedy – Sexy Ester


Gabe Burdulis

Jake Ripp-Dieter – I Saw the Creature

Jim Schwall

Meghan Rose – Damsel Trash


Adam Thein – Dolores

David Dickson – Oh My Love

Jimmy Voegeli – The Jimmys

Peter Baggenstoss – The Big Payback

Specialty Instrument

Aaron Konkol (Melodica) – Natty Nation

Anna Vogelzang (Banjo)

Anthony Lamarr (Beatbox/Vocal Percussion)

Tom Nickel (Accordion) – Cajun Strangers


Biff Blumfumgagnge – Kicksville

Ida Jo

Julia McConahay – SheShe

Meghan Dudle – Point Five


Clay Lyons – Clay Lyons

David Buss – The Big Payback

Pete Ross – The Jimmys

Trevor Hoffman – The Rotation



People’s Choice Awards


DJ of the Year

DJ Nick Nice

DJ Pain1

Kayla Kush

Wyatt Agard

Live Sound Engineer

Andy Bear

Dustin Boyle

Lonya Nenashev

Shawn McLoughlin

Local Live Music Venue

Brink Lounge

High Noon Saloon

The Frequency

The Majestic

Local Music Fan

Amber Rahn

Eric Stimson

Mark Ellis

Sarah Warmke

Local Music Publication/Blog


Local Sounds

Maximum Ink

Tone Madison

Local Music Radio Personality 

Gabby Parsons

Jim Schwall

Jimmy K

Rockin’ John McDonald

Local Music Radio Station 

Maximum Ink Radio

Triple M



Local Recorded Music Store 

B-Side Records

Mad City Music Exchange

Strictly Discs

Sugar Shack


Anna Vogelzang – Driftless

Joey Broyles – Future Pop Revolution

SheShe – Textbook Delusional

The Mascot Theory – Hand Me Down Miracles


Bob Wydra

John Urban

Mark Ellis

Mary Sweeney


Michael Massey & Tony Cerniglia

Mike Zirkel

Sam Lyons

Scott Lamps


Eric Stimson

Kathy Burdulis

Matt Bollhorst

Ralph Shively

Recording Studio

Audio for the Arts

Blast House Studios

DNA Music Labs

Paradyme Productions

Studio Sound Engineer

Buzz Kemper

Jake Johnson

Landon Arkens

Mike Zirkel

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