WSMA, Full Compass and Dennis Graham present FREE “Making It in the Music Biz” Nov. 22

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Music Biz Program 14-1WSMA, Full Compass and Dennis Graham present FREE “Making It in the Music Biz” Nov. 22


Event info:


Musicians of all age and skill levels are invited to a free music seminar on Saturday, November 22. The event, which starts at 9:30 am and runs until 4:00 pm, will be held at Full Compass (9770 Silicon Prairie Parkway). A free lunch will also be served in the Full Compass cafeteria. Participation is limited, however, so to reserve a spot reply to Mary Elsner at:

“‘Makin’ It In the Music Biz’ features notable music business professionals, such as guitarist Abraham Laboriel (Yamaha Artist), drummer Ben Smith (Yamaha Artist), Whit Lehnberg (Summerfest), Rokker (Maximum Ink), Brian Nolan (Full Compass), Roy Elkins (Broadjam), Nina Reynolds (SRO Artist), Beth Kille (musician), Darwin Simpson (The Frequency), Elizabeth Russell (attorney: copyright, trademark, arts), Leah Tirado (The Big Payback band), Johannes Wallmann (composition/improvisation) and Veronica Heide (doctor of audiology). The event includes a variety of tracks: guitar and drum clinics; how to make a good recording in the digital age; ways to get your band noticed; composition and improvisation; preserving a musicians greatest asset – hearing; process of song writing; the legal side of the music business; making the most of practicing, rehearsing and performing; and panel discussions on publishing, royalties, copyright, contracts, artist management and touring.”

Dennis Graham and Associates is the producer of Launchpad, the annual statewide music competition for high-school bands. He works in conjunction with the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) and the Les Paul Foundation. Full Compass has hosted the event for several years running.

Sponsors include Yamaha, Nicholas Family Foundation, Les Paul Foundation, TVW, Tilt Media, Maximum Ink, Sherwood Press, 94.1 WJJO FM, 93.1 HOT JAMZ, The Zone 1670 AM/106.7 FM, Q106, Theodore W. Batterman Family Foundation, Courtier Foundation and Wisconsin State Journal/77 Square.

Though the event is the result of unscrupulous events arising out of Launchpad winners, “Making It in the Music Biz” is a valuable day for musicians at any level. For more information go to


Making It in the Music Biz


9:00 – 9:30 – Registration – Full Compass Atrium

9:30 – 10:00 – Gathering (Studio 1)

Making the most of the Day and Resources Available

Introduction of Clinicians and Yamaha Artists

The Road Taken: Ways To Be Successful But Real – Yamaha Artists

10:00 – 11:00  – Artist Clinics

a. Drum Clinic (Studio 1)

Artist – Ben Smith (Yamaha)

b. Bass Guitar Clinic (Studio 2)

Artist – Abraham Laboriel Sr. (Yamaha)

c. Vocal Clinic (Atrium Stage)

Artist – Leah Tirado

11:00 – 12:00 – Small Group Sessions

a. Songwriting – Inspiration is the Easy Part (Atrium Stage)

                                Beth Kille – Songwriter/Performer

                b. Recording – How to Make a Good Recording in the Digital Age

(Studio 2) Full Compass Staff

                c. Composition and Improvisation – Same or Different? (Studio 1)

                                Johannes Wallmann

12:00 – 12:45 – Roundtable Lunch – An opportunity to Network and Talk

1:00 – 1:15 – Preserving a Musicians Greatest Asset – Hearing! (Studio 1)

Veronica Heide – Doctor of Audiology

1:15 – 2:30 – Panel Discussion – Knocking on the Door for the Gig! (Studio 1)

Roy Elkins (Broadjam) Moderator

Panelists: Darwin Simpson (The Frequency); Rokker (Maximum Ink – Print Media); Randy Hawke (WJJO FM, Hot Jamz, The Zone, La Movida – Radio); Whit Lehnberg (Summerfest – Festivals); Nina Reynolds (SRO Artists – Talent Agencies); Elizabeth Galewski (The Big Payback – Social Media)


2:30 – 3:30 – Small Group Sessions

a. More to Making Music Than Talent – The Legal Side of the Business    (Atrium Stage) Elizabeth Russell – Attorney

b. Recording – How to Make a Good Recording in the Digital Age

(Studio 2) Full Compass Staff

c. Getting Your Band Noticed and What To do Then? (Studio 1)

Rokker (Maximum Ink) – Print Media

                                Darwin Simpson (The Frequency) – Clubs

                                Whit Lehnberg (Summerfest) – Festivals

                                Randy Hawke (WJJO FM, Hot Jamz, The Zone, La Movida) – Radio

3:30 – 4:00 – Full Gathering

Sponsor Recognition, Wrap Up Session and Final Jam – Artists and           Clinicians (Studio 1)


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