2013 Local Music EP and Album Releases

CD Reviews 04 Dec 2013

cd-rom2013 Local Music EP and Album Releases







Artist Title
4 Aspirin Morning Ca$h Poor, Liquor Rich
Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo Live Loud Harmony
Amanda Poulson Finding Wonderland
Annabel Lee Starstruck
Anthony Lamarr Jump Start the Soul EP
Aquarelle August Undone
Art Paul Schlosser I Bet You’ve Got a Smile
Art Paul Schlosser Live on the Snake 2
Beaver Skull ?
Bell Monks / SK Pierce A Better Light
Ben Doran and Friends Ceol an Chroi/Music of the Heart
Ben Z & Dejection Liquid Reflections
Bird’s Eye Bird’s Eye
Brain Grimmer (Sketches) Beats EP 2
Brothers Grimm This is Not Shakespear’s Macbeth
Brothers Grimm and db pedersen A Midsummer’s Night Dream
Building on Buildings Building on Buildings
Butterfly Valve Conoco
Catch Kid Last Good Shot
Cell1 You’ll Go Blind
Chants Don’t Miss U EP
Chants I Feel Like I Feel It
Chaos Revolution Theory Against the Grain
Colorphase Phase II
Conscious Object Sourcery
Cowboy Winter Magic or Tragic
Crash the Lights Citizen
Dan Kennedy Seems Like Forever
Denise jackson Me and Candace
Dietrich Gosser Oh, to Begin!
D.L.O. the Iceman The Dusties
Duke Daeo Thieves to Thrones
Earl Foss and the Brown Derby I’ll Take the Blame
Evan Murdock & the Imperfect Strangers Feel Bad No More
Evan Riley Band Release
Gabe Burdulis The Land of make Believe
Gabe J. Pope Four Track Mind
Graminy Germinations: A Bluegrass Symphony in D 
Granny Tranny Techno Blow Me (Away)
Greg Thornburg Kaleidoscope
Haliwel From the Inside
Harmonious Wail Bohemian Tango
I Am Dragon The Lucky Ones
Ida Jo For Better for Worse
Intellescope Space Echo
Jex Thoth Blood Moon Rise
Joe Sokolinsky Variations on “I Feel Fine”
Joey Broyles Joey Broyles EP
Kevin Reid River of Light
Kicksville The Singles Season 5
Krause Family Band Just a Few
Kyle Henderson Brand New Day
Land of Vandals Sing Us Offshore
Lark Remy Host
Lens Oniricist Dubs
Lights.on Apotheosis
Little Legend No Way to Tell EP
litmus0001 Living the Second-Past of the Future Space-Power
Livewire Livewire
Lonesome Wyatt Halloween is Here
Lords of the Trident Plan of Attack
Lorieanna Adaptation
Mad Genius 2012: A Year in Your Ear
Madden Tumblrwav
Maffa Rico Maffa Rico EP
Mark Croft Live At Shake Rag Alley
Marty Finkel It’s Alright Now EP
Marty Finkel Might Be Found
Michael BB Guided Tour
Michael BB You’re Dippin’
Michael BB Popular Culture
Midas Bison Wavey Daze
Milkhouse Radio Milkhouse Radio
Mike Massey Dracula: A Rock Ballet
Mojo Radio Rise
Nate Karls Life Skills
Natty Nation Live 2012​-​06​-​23 – UW Terrace, Madison, WI
Nellie Wilson and the Hellbound Honeys Not This Time
Nester Gata Galactica
New Baldones Ornate Fiction
New People Might Get it Right
No Name Stringband No Name Stringband
Nude Human Blind?
Null Device Perihelion
Old Farm Dog Old Farm Dog
Panther Ride the Ice
Paul Otteson and Faux Fawn Prairie du Chien
Paul Stiegler Days Gone By
Perfect Harmony Mens Chorus Heartland
Pioneer Black Pasture
Pushmi-Pullyu Never Love a Stranger
Pyroklast The Madness Confounds
Qwik Wittz About Time
Red Rose No Place Like Snow
RIP Sellout
Romero Take the Potion
Sarah Longfield Oneiric
Second Family Band Family Album
Sensuous Enemy Voyager
Sexy Ester Monomania
Sigourney Weavers Sigourney Weavers
Silas Be Absolute Window
Sincere Life Three Kings
Sir No Sir! Combating the Carnival
Sky Road Fly Head Out of Your Mind
Steez Stereovision
Stephanie Rearick Dreamworld
Sunny Jenkins Eclipse
Sunspot Arturiana
The Causticles Eric Gottesman
The Cliffs of Insanity No Wonder
The Disclosures The Secret of Being Rich
The Dang Its Lick of Sense
The Drain At the Door
The Earthlings Tide
The Family Business Rock and Roll Machine
The Flavor That Kills Stream EP
The Frenetic The Frenetic
The Hussy Way With Words EP
The Hussy Pagan Hiss
The Jimmys Live
The Moguls 30 Helens Agree EP
The Rotation The Rotation
The Sharrows Starting at the End
tl;dr …Is Everything You Arae
Trin Tran Dark radar
Tyranny is Tyranny Let it Come From Whom it May
Us, Today / Lovely Socialite Us, Today / Lovely Socialite Split
Vanishing Kids Spirit Visions
Various Artists Controlled Chaos
Various Artists Smilin’ On
Various Artists Blank Shot Vol. II
Various Artists Lost City Music Festival 2013 Compilation
Various Artists COLIAS 1
Various Artists Launchpad 2013
Venice Gas House Trolley Midnight’s Break
Watercourse Quartet Moonish Lodestar
Wheelhouse The Comeback
Whiskey Farm From the Still
William z Villain William z Villain EP
Wrenclaw Wrenclaw
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