New Getaway Drivers Recording Needs Your Help on Kickstarter

Recent News 09 Oct 2013

thegetawaydrivers-800_X_600New Getaway Drivers Recording Needs Your Help on Kickstarter

I already knew that Bob Manor and his musical gang he calls the Getaway Drivers were real sweet people but that was reaffirmed to me last year when they graciously performed a Madison Area Music Association benefit and backed me on four songs at the High Noon Saloon. That was doubly gracious of them as we took a few days to rehearse the rust off my guitar strings (and myself) and, I have to say, they keep pretty decent beer in the fridge.

I’m happy to return the gesture now and support their Kickstarter project to raise $8,000 to record a new CD. The crowfunding site Kickstarter (amongst others) has proven to be a valuable asset to artists who don’t have the capital to do these types of projects and…that would be most artists (You can read an article of mine on crowdfunding here). If you know anything about Kickstarter you would know that the stated goal must be reached in order for the artist to get anything.

There are only five days left in this campaign and the getaway Drivers are about $1,500 short. The project will wind up on Monday, October 14. The contributions to the project come with goodies depending on the level at which you give. In many cases it amounts to a pre-buy on the recording but you can go all the way up to a private concert in your home.

So do me a favor and help out these fine folks. I think you’ll find the music – like so much Madison-made music – is well worth it.



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