I AM DRAGON – The Lucky Ones EP

CD Reviews 30 Aug 2013

I am Dragon lucky ones cd coverI AM DRAGON – The Lucky Ones EP

(2013   Self-Release)


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The Lucky Ones was released in February and I Am Dragon just printed a second run limited to 100 copies. The sleeve is a hand-printed design by Lyon Smith and each are individually numbered. I suggest you get one – that is unless you don’t like to rock because this one kicks some serious ass.

Formed by vocalist/guitarist Jon Stover (formerly of Grandstand) in 2010 after spending a couple of years out west, I Am Dragon also consists of drummer Andy Christoffersen (formerly of I Voted for Kodos), bassist Dustin Skelley and keyboardist Luke Crary (formerly of A Gnarley Swell). The band’s music has plenty of punk ethos but more closely resembles a sped-up MC5 with harmonies.

The Lucky Ones is a call to rock. It’s nearly relentless in its assault but the songs are punchy and packed with melody and vocal harmonies. The addition of keyboards really sets the band apart.

The EP sounds great, too. The twin guitar attack is separated in the left and right channels, leaving space for the keys and the vocals. It was recorded at Blast House with Dustin Sisson and mastered by Landon Arkens and may be the best sounding disc to come out of the MAMA-winning studio yet.

Standouts include the homage to punk “Major Bros.” which was also released as a single. “Herd Poisoning” features some cool guitar arpeggios in the middle and sounds like Tool with more melody and harmony. It’s a challenge for us to “resist the images held out for us by our herders.” The last two tracks really bring out the vocal talent in this group. “Dreamery” is perhaps Stover’s finest vocal moment. “668: The Neighbor of the Beast,” along with the clever title, is the finest composition, building to an effective climax while fully utilizing the vocal harmonies.

The Lucky Ones’ eight tracks are all over in thirty minutes so this is concisely crafted material. The band has already released a follow-up single called “Rise From Your Grave (Intergalactic Dragon Slayer)” which you can check out here.

I Am Dragon had a very successful gig at Atwood Summerfest and are preparing a secret set for a Halloween bash at the Frequency. You might want to catch that one and find out what the buzz is all about.

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