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CD Reviews 20 May 2013

imagesgomersTHE GOMERS – Gomerica

(2012  Beeftone)

The Gomers have made a name for themselves in the local Madison music scene in so many ways and have won numerous awards from the MAMAs and the Isthmus Choice Awards. However, most Madisonians associate the Gomers with Gomeroke, perhaps the best karaoke show that can be found for miles around where you can get your four minutes of fame and be the lead singer for the band.

It comes as no surprise that a band that talented can also write impressive and quirky original music and Gomerica is a testament to that. The album portrays the band’s ability to play in just about any musical genre of music.  It goes from smooth jazz (“Fire on Fire”) to rock (“Stupid Things”) to blues (“Bouncin’ the Goods”).

Gomerica’s twelve tracks kick off with an intro perfectly suited to Gomers’ collectively unique personality. Clear, sharp tones highlight a stellar mix of synthesized sounds. The topics and lyrics that are discussed throughout are something that you have to hear for yourself. “Big Pants People”, “Stupid Youth on Bikes”, and “Alien vs. Predator” are some examples that will have you laughing.

A highlight is the jazzy second track “Broken Brooms”. The drums are loose and groovy which is perfect for the style of music. The synth-sax and keys take turns soloing while the line “How are you supposed to clean up when all you have are broken brooms?” wraps the chorus together in a way only the Gomers can do.

This band has been around since 1985 and have become and incredibly tight musical unit, very much in sync with each other. If you haven’t already, take the time to check out Gomerica. The Gomers are representative of the Madison music scene and have generated unforgettable memories for those who participate in the Gomeroke experience.


Rockstar Gomeroke is at the High Noon Saloon every Tuesday night. The Happy Hur version, Rockstar Happyoke, is presented on the first and third Fridays of the month, also at the High Noon.

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