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the-kentucky-waterfalls-53650-the-real-meTHE KENTUCKY WATERFALLS – The Real Me

(2009  Self-Release)

Evan Murdock and Katie Powderly formed the Kentucky Waterfalls in 2008 after an on-again, off-again history of playing music together. The Real Me was released in 2009 and the country-folk duo called it quits in 2010.

The albums nine songs (plus one hidden track) are a tale of two songwriters. Murdock is definitely old-school country, his vocals delivered with a thick drawl. His songs are playful, teasing the listener with typical country themes such as “The Best Mistake I Ever Made,” “Hillbilly Beauty Queen”and “Georgia Girl.” “Your Eyes Can’t Lie” is a bit of a departure but a song you’ll swear you’ve heard before.

Powderly’s songs are something else altogether; three songs of desperation and longing with much more sophistication and melody. Her songs are much more direct and delivered with a deeper level of emotion that go beyond country and folk into an area that straddles the two and yet eclipses.

The hidden track is probably so for good reason – a remake of Don Gibson’s hit from 1961 “Sea of Heartbreak.” The song continues down the line drawn by the rest of the album with Murdock taking the lead and Powderly harmonizing.

The Kentucky Waterfalls made for a playful enough duo and their brand of living-room singin’ and playin’ is fairly innocuous. At times Powderly does seem to be straining to fit into Murdock’s mold, a realization they may have made in 2010. Powderly has since gone on to release her highly acclaimed recording Slips of the Tongue (2012 – read the review here), while Murdock has just released his new self-titled recording with his new band the Imperfect Strangers (2013).

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