Sexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters – Hubba Bubba

CD Reviews 19 Feb 2013

sexy ester hubba bubbaSexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters – Hubba Bubba

(2010 Slothtrop Music)

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Right from the opener, the music from Hubba Bubba literally takes you back to the new wave, synthpop of the 80’s. It’s like your standing smack-dab in the middle of a John Hughes movie, only this time Molly Ringwald doesn’t stand a chance with the bad boy, because Lyndsay Evans is in town.

Evans definitely wears the pants in this band, even if her pants are super-sexy skirts. Her voice and approach borrow from some of the all-time great leading ladies from the new-wave, radio-rock era like Pat Benatar, Martha Davis from the Motels, Terri Nunn of Berlin and Deborah Harry. But she’s not really imitating — her personality is too original for that. No, she’s paying tribute, and in some cases, overshadowing those greats.

The entire album is well produced and the songs are ultra catchy, each with their own potential to be singles. There’s really not a bad song here – you just wish there were more of them. How can the music be best described? Let’s see — it’s sexy, hot, rock-poppy, sometimes naughty, sassy, riffy and sometimes bitchy. Roscoe Evans’ keys pull everything together nicely, the vocals are authoritative, the songs are easy to relate to, it’s fun, alluring, lusty — the list goes on.

The album kicks off with the super-sassy, school-girl naughty “Love Bubble.” She tries to sound innocent at first, but don’t be fooled, Evans’ longing vocals are a nice mix of anger, sadness and tease. Pop!

The new wave sound continues right into the synth-heavy, rocker “Hot Fire.” The reverb only adds to the 80’s appeal. This song gives guitarist Adam Eder his best chance to shine, and he does just enough. The keys and guitar play nice together. In a straight-up rock sense, this is the best tune on the disc.

On “Who Needs Loves Anyway” the poppy groove gets a little groovier. There’s a little reverse psychology going on here. Brad Schubert and his bass drive this tune. Maybe this is the best song? I can’t decide!

And then there’s “La La La.” This could be a number one hit today, or 30 years ago. Roscoe Evans and his synthesizer make this song what it is — pop glory! Maybe it reminds you of a Men Without Hats song? Or maybe the extremely upbeat melody and lyrics make you think of the Go Go’s? Whatever you think of, wherever this song takes you — enjoy every contagious second of it and let yourself sing along. Don’t worry, you’ll replay over and over and have the entire song memorized in no time.

“Get it Together” is another full-out rocker. It takes names but doesn’t take any shit. Lindsay is telling me what to do, and there’s no way I’m not listening. Drummer Dusty Hay keeps things tight and on track.

Hubba Bubba closes on a high note with “Tell Me You Do.” Yet another masterfully crafted pop song with attitude. Best song on the disk. Did I say that already?

So many similarities to so many great 80’s sounds, and that’s ok. The band doesn’t seem to mind being compared, in fact they seem to beg for it here. This is simply put, a great album, or EP, or whatever the hell you want to call it. Just play it. And then try, just try, not to play it over and over again. It’s pop gold, a shout out to simpler times when there were more synthesizers and less pretense. A time when the hot chick lead singers actually knew how to sing.

Do yourself a favor and buy this album. Then, go out and see Sexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters live. You’ll have an absolute blast. And, it’ll give you the chance to pull out the parachute pants and poof up the big hair. Long live pop!


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