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Having put on Madison’s version of the Grammys for ten years now, I’m always interested in checking out the annual hoopla that’s termed “the biggest night in music.” Here are a few stray thoughts:

I don’t care for Taylor Swift’s music but damn, the girl gets hotter by the day. Whew! Got to hand it to her. I was lucky enough to get a trip to the Academy of Country Music Awards a few years back. Got to attend rehearsals and go backstage to see how things are done. Swift became the pop star she currently is that night. She exemplifies that single-mindedness that is required to be a success at anything.

Anyone notice that the pop performer nominees were all women?

As time goes on, pop and country sound increasingly the same. Only the cowboy hats and drawls seperate them now. I bet Swift does the same performance at the ACMs. Also, who the fuck is Hunter Hayes?

Timberlake … eh…

fun. win song of the year?  Wha???  The sockless nerds’ music is shockingly lame. Sorry. fun. fans. Best New Artist? We’re in trouble. Credit them for staying together for twelve years to become Best New Artist. Frank Ocean should have won, though.

Hey Mumford & Sons (and their clone the Lumineers) stole the kick drum schtick from Peter Gabriel (early Genesis)! Thankfully though they don’t wear flowers on their heads. M&S was one of the best performances – acoustic and honest. Also, I want to be Johnny Depp.

Dan Auerbach named Producer of the Year; that’s cool. Was it just me or were the Black Keys an island of real in a sea of pomp? Their performance with Dr. John and the Preservation Hall Jazz band was smokin’! Easily the best performance. Also, I want Dr. John’s hat… and whatever drugs he’s taking.

A virtual tie for best performnace – Jack White with both the Peacocks band and the Buzzrads band.  Also, I want Jack White’s jacket.

Wasn’t clear why the Bob Marley tribute was presented but there’s a man who’s always worth paying tribute to. Bruno Mars and Sting – a good pairing, actually. Sting still has his range and Mars’ band was tight as nails. Also, I want Ziggy Marley’s hair. Rastapunzel.

When I was at the ACMs I swore I would get close enough to smell Carrie Underwood. I failed. Her performance was not just well done – it was a special effects lighting breakthrough. The lighted dress was genius. Also, I want… never mind.

Prince – whoa. Also, I want his cred.

What happened to jazz at the Grammys? A gratuitous throw of the bone. Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke – they should have played a lot longer.

Nice to see Levon Helm get a nod.. and with T-Bone. Cool.

Blunderbuss is still the album of the year…out of that lot.

Fun finale – I dug it. Tom Morello – nice.

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