What Makes Ester.. Sexy?

Welcome to a new, exclusive look into the lives of local musicians working hard to rock our world. This behind-the-scenes series of stories, Q & A’s and more– will get you up close and personal with some of the best Madison-area bands. Many are also winners of a Madison Area Music Association Award (also known as The MAMAs) which is ramping up for a June 23, 2013 celebration of its tenth year as an organization.

So sit back, relax, and read on.. as Teri Barr brings you “The Artist Behind the Award,” starting with Sexy Ester, who’s also revealing a big change in 2013.

SexyEster Mamas 2012It takes alot of mojo to use the word “sexy” as part of your band’s name. But the simple on-line definition– exciting and attractive– works well for Sexy Ester. This band’s music is exciting, with its quirky brand of original dance, rock, new wave, or what singer Lyndsay Evans says has been described as “disco punk.” And the show is attractive, as Lyndsay’s high energy and cool dress is matched by her band-mates: Adam Eder on guitar, bass player Brad Schubert, Roscoe Evans on keyboard, and drummer Paul Kennedy. Together, the members of Sexy Ester dominated the 2012 Madison Area Music Association Awards Show, winning the Pop/R&B Song, Interpretive Song, Alternative Song, and Video of the Year categories; along with best female vocalist, specialist instrument player, drummer, and the coveted Artist of the Year Award.

But Ester’s sexy may get turned up an extra notch in the New Year. Paul is leaving the band following a final January show, and Jenna Joanis is newly named as his replacement. She’ll immediately jump behind the drumset, so this busy group doesn’t miss a beat. Talk about living up to the Sexy Ester name!

SexyEster new 2013Now, here’s ten more tidbits about Sexy Ester:

1) Lyndsay and Adam started writing songs together 15 years ago.

2) The band’s ultimate goal is to perform full-time.

3) Each member has a “day job” to pay the bills.

4) They feel people who support local music are amazing, but also in the minority.

5) Each of the band’s members has different musical interests and influences– and enjoy writing together, because of it.

6) Sexy Ester loves to play live and believes their show is an experience for your ears, eyes, mind, and body.

7) Lyndsay’s favorite show to play was The MAMA’s Award Show at the Overture– large stage and even bigger crowd.

8) The band didn’t believe it would ever be named “Artist of the Year.”

9) They consider their work unique and don’t think there’s another band like them in Madison.

10) Sexy Ester’s 4th album, “Monomania” comes out in March!

SexyEster on stage live 2012UPCOMING SHOWS

January 11, 2013: Inferno, Madison
Final Show with drummer Paul Kennedy

January 19, 2013: Mickey’s Tavern, Madison
First Show with drummer Jenna Joanis

February 8, 2013: Regent Street Retreat, Madison

February 17, 2013: High Noon, Madison

More info:
SexyEster.com or like the band’s page on Facebook
themamas.org or like The Madison Area Music Association on Facebook

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