MAMA Announces Significant Changes for 2013; Registration is Now Open

Recent News 16 Nov 2012

MAMA Announces Significant Changes for 2013; Registration is Now Open

The Madison Area Music Association, in a continuous effort to make improvements and respond to the needs of its members, announces new changes to the rules governing the Madison Area Music Awards.

First, the date of the awards show is moved to a Sunday: June 23, 2013. The Madison Area Music Awards will once again be held in the Capital Theater, thanks to the generosity of the Overture Center and its Community Arts Access Grant Program.


Voting Changes:

Beginning in 2013 artists who are entered into an award category and genre will have their votes weighted in that category/genre. This means that the artists entered in that category will have significantly more effect on the outcome. For example, the artists entered in Folk Song of the Year will have their votes weighted for that award category/genre. The weight will be 50% so the summation of the votes by the artists in that category will amount to 50% of the total. The IP address that entered the music in that category/genre will be the vote that is given the weight. In other words, a band that has multiple members will have only one voter as the weighted vote. This rule addresses the issue of a band with nine members voting for themselves and having all those votes weighted. Remember that in the first voting round, three votes must be cast in any category/genre.

Another significant change in voting allows for multi-sessions. So, if you can’t finish voting in one sitting, you can come back and the system will remember your previous votes as long as you are voting from the same IP.


Registration Changes for Artists Submitting Music:

New Artist of the Year eligibility is expanded to two years. Those who entered in 2012 (and didn’t win) can re-enter in 2013 as long as they still meet the eligibility requirements.

Song of the Year and Album of the Year Awards are changed. An artist can enter any one song into no more than two genres. An artist may have no more than two songs in any one genre. The rule that an artist can have only one nomination in any one category is still in effect. Artists should be aware that entering more than one song into the same genre reduces their odds of being nominated. Album of the Year is similarly changed. Any one album can only be entered into a maximum of two genres. An artist may have only two albums maximum in any one genre. (This is unlikely since very few artists will release two or more albums in a year – unless you’re Green Day, right?) These rules are known as The Rule of Twos.

Registration is open now until January 15, 2013.

Below is the tentative calendar:



Oct 11                 Registration is Open

Oct 18                 MAMA Kickoff – Open Mic @ Brink Lounge

Jan 15                 Registration Ends

Jan 15                 First Round Finalist Voting Begins

March 15            First Round of Voting Ends

March 21            Finalist Party @ Brink Lounge

March 26            Final Round of Voting Begins

May 17               Final Round of Voting Ends



June 23               10th Annual Madison Area Music Awards

                             @ The Capitol Theater


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