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Goodness we have been losing some wonderful ones lately:

Phyllis Diller: “My mother-in-law had a pain beneath her left breast; turned out to be a trick knee.”

Neil Armstrong: “One small step for man, one giant something-something.”

Karl Gmur, “You should have started 1 minute and 13 seconds ago, get with it!”

There is so much crap happening right now, it’s hard to keep anything in perspective. Another hurricane, Presidential stuff, planes gettin’ shot down, Lyndsay Lohan busted for stealing jewels (just accessorizing for her prison stay), a Bigfoot prank gone bad…

Karl Gmur

But when you loose a friend, a local icon, a music genius and a gentleman all wrapped in one, such as our friend Karl Gmur, the rest of the world seems a little less important.

Our little town of New Glaruswill not be the same, and our hearts and thoughts go out to The Gmur Family.

This weekend marks the 75th Year of The Wilhelm Tell play put on by the towns folk of New Glarus. It is a realistic enactment of Swiss history (our cows are in the play!) No one loved it more than Karl, and was deeply involved.

The Jimmys will miss him too. We will miss him playing bass with us, always putting eight dollars of coins in our tip bucket (making as much noise as he could), and his persistence to make us start out sets on time:-)

So, all we’re saying is, don’t take all the crap out there too seriously; friends will be gone before you know it, and then the band starts late, and then the world suddenly changes.

Salute! once more to Karl. I promise the newsletter will be funny next time.  In the meantime, come to these shows.

Love and peace,


Upcoming Jimmy’s gigs:

Friday, August 31 Music at Harry’s Place,Beloit,WI7-9 pm  Friends of Riverfront www.friendsofriverfront.com

Sunday, Sept 2Marquette Blues Fest,Marquette,MI4pm  http://www.marquetteareabluessociety.com/

Sunday, Sept 2 VFW inMarquette,MI  After-Blues-Fest Jam10-2 AM

Thursday, Sept 6 Tofflers in New Glarus8-11 pm tofflers.com

Friday, Sept 7Chula Vista Resort inWisconsin Dells  BMW Bike Rally 8-12pm TICKETS REQUIRED www.wiscbmwclub.com

Saturday, Sept 8 Sun Prairie Blues Fest, Sun Prairie, WI 4:30-6pm

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