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After 15 years of freelancing and six years writing a weekly column, Rich Albertoni will retire his byline effective with the December 8th issue of Isthmus. Albertoni will be starting a new job as a consultant in the private sector, a job that will have him on the road a lot.

Madison will lose a stalwart supporter of local music when Albertoni puts his pen down. Each year he and I would collaborate on putting a comprehensive list of the year’s local music releases. He always told me that, despite the fact he couldn’t write about them all, he listened to everything that ever crossed his desk. Now, that’s dedication that will be hard to replace.

Albertoni recently said in an email, “The best thing about [writing for Isthmus] has been connecting with so many creative people. I will miss that.”  The city will miss it, too, Rich and so will I. Best of luck wherever you go, whatever you do and much respect.

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Rick Tvedt

Rick is publisher of Local Sounds Magazine, formerly Rick's Cafe, Wisconsin's Regional Music Newspaper. He is also the Executive Director for MAMA, Inc., a non-profit organization that produces the Madison Area Music Awards and raises funds to promote youth music programs.

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  1. Matt Jacoby
    November 29, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    A sad day for sure! I remember our Local Sounds interview over the phone with him when we were promoting our kickoff party in January of 2006 at the High Noon. Good luck to everything in the future, and know that your talents and dedication will be hard to replace!

  2. Bobby Hussy
    November 29, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Not sad at all. Dude only went to see the bands he liked live. Didn’t EVER accurately represent the scene, and honestly completely dropped the ball on tons of great bands that he turned his head away from. That is NOT what a local music journalist should do (well it’s not what a GOOD one would do). His lists of bands that were “important” to madison were always laughable at best. I might not share his tastes, but there were plenty of good bands that he CONSISTENTLY missed. I MISS TOM LASKIN! GOOD RIDDANCE.

  3. Bobby Hussy
    November 29, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    That being said. I do hope the Isthmus finds another writer for the scene. I will say that while I disagreed with his tastes he definitely loved some bands and shared lots of information about those bands. He liked local music, that can’t be argued, but he mostly just liked one style of music locally and that’s a difficult thing for me to swallow coming from someone who should be checking out all aspects of the scene.

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