Grin and Bear It

How does one bear the news? Almost too painful to speak of it. I never saw it coming. No, it’s not that Rick Perry says the weather is fine even though Texas is the biggest polluting state and in its worst drought in 100 years, or that Burt Reynolds is bankrupt (and 75 years old) Ick. (wonder what his famous pose in Playgirl would look like today?…wait, no I don’t) Ick. Nor is it news of a Minnesota father of twins, whom, while at a hockey game, substituted one twin for the other twin, who was in the bathroom, and made a charity shot with a puck for $50,000, but may give the money back because it wasn’t the right boy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? “Travis, listen to me, just pretend you’re your brother, Tritt, and we’re RICH…got it?”
No boys and girls….COCO CHANEL WAS A NAZI SPY!!!!!!! I am in TOTAL need of a wardrobe, make-up, and perfume make-over. Brittney Spears collection…here I come.

This is as shocking as David Letterman’s death threat from political extremists, no not ours, Radical Muslims. I mean, Osama Bin Laden lived with 3 wives in one compound and never left for 5 years- they think he personally called the Navy Seals!! * Ba-dump

That’s good stuff right there. Even though I don’t know if Letterman really said that (Thanks to my friend, Axle) Point is………..what was I talking about? Oh ya, the world is fine…….hey look, a polar bear swimming in our cow tank.

Let’s forget the “important” crap they tell us on TV, and get down to serious issues, like enjoying what’s left of summer at these great shows!! BTW, our new cd is about 2 weeks from being done, I just don’t know when that 2 weeks, starts. Almost finished!!!

Love, Peace and Perfume,


Upcoming Jimmys Gigs

Friday, August, 19 Marshfield Zoo Fundraiser, Marshfield Zoo, Marshfield Wi
6 -10 pm
Saturday, August 20 Wheelhouse Annual Chicken BBQ, Waupaca, Wi 1-5 pm
Friday, August 26 Sperchers Bar and Restaurant, Middleton, Wi 8-11 pm
Saturday, August 27 Byron Crossroads Blues Fest Byron, Il *all day* The
Jimmys 9:30 pm
Sunday, August 28 Orton Park Festival Madison, Wi 2:30 pm
Thursday, Sept 1 Tofflers
Friday, Sept 2 Harry’s Place Beloit, Wi 6:30 pm

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