The Annex Shuts Its Doors

Recent News 01 Jul 2011

The Annex Shuts Its Doors

After years of specualtion it appears that the Annex is finally shutting down as a live music venue. Problems have dogged the venue for quite some time, not least of which was its inacessible location and lack of parking.

The venue has a splendid sound system but when renovations took place several years ago, the rooms “reversal” problems were exaggerated. Fans entering the facility walked through a meaningless “tunnel” to enter into the bar area, which was spacious. But even the bar area had to employ a televison screen so patrons hanging out there could see the action on the stage. The stage was reversed, facing a wall and creating a short throw for the sound system. The atmosphere of the club created a lot of negative space and was not a pleasurable space to see a band. Load-in and load-out were equivacably problematic.

Over the years the Annex became the hard rock venue of choice, with shows featuring national touring metal acts such as Anthrax. Though several managers have made attempts in recent years, the venue never succeeded in drawing in a campus crowd, a futile effort in itself really as most of the campu population isunder the drinking age.

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  1. Tyler C
    July 1, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Lots of nice memories at this place. This is pretty sad.

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