Attention: Longhairs!!

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First, it must be said, our hearts go out to the people of Japan. We have many friends from that now devastated country, and watching the video footage is nearly unbelievable. If only Charlie Sheen had been on his “comedy” tour there, something good could have finally come from it.

If this isn’t yet another sign doomdum (made that up) I don’t know what is. Fish dying en masse, dolphins jumping on boats, marijuana found in sewers (what will those wacky dealers think of next), politicians calling their constituents “long-haired goofy f**ks” (guilty as charged) all the while not a peep of stupidity from Lindsay Lohan? Have we forgotten the important issues here? We all know rehab is for quitters, what is she thinking, look how popular Charlie is right now…… winning. (I believe ‘Sheen’ is Irish for douchebag)

Speaking of winning, we would love it if you would VOTE for us!! It’s not a recall (yet), but we have been nominated for a WAMI Award!!!! Wisconsin Area Music Industry has nominated The Jimmys in the “Big Band” category! On top of that, our boy Johnny Wartenweiler is nominated as the “Bass Player of the Year”, and some long haired goofy-assed dairy farmer as “Keyboardist of the Year”. So here’s what yer gonna do, log onto and vote for someone or something, hopefully us. ***You can also write in The Jimmys as the “People’s Choice” award as well.*** Got it? Good. (Seriously, thank you)

Our CD keeps getting closer to reality. In the meantime, go to the “events” page at to see where you can see us.

This summer is going to be a great one, hope to see you long hairs out and about. Now go VOTE!!!!!

Love and Peace,


Upcoming Jimmy’s gigs:

Wednesday, March 16 Ludlow’s Pre-St Patty’s Day Torture Your Liver Show 8 pm

Thursday, March17 Tofflers-We Hate Our Livers-St Patty’s Day Party and
Fundraiser 8 pm (odd combination for sure, one last Cancer Fundraiser for
Team in Training, and Laura’s run in Paris!)

Friday, March 25 Dry Bean 10 pm start
Saturday, March 26 Milwaukee ale House 9:30 pm start

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Jimmy Voegeli is a well renown talent from the Madison area. He has a long list of awards with his name, including the 2010 and 2012 Madison Area Music Award for Keyboardist of the Year and the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) 2011 Keyboardist of the Year. He is the band leader for The Jimmys, a "Who's Who" of monster musicians who tour and perform his original music.

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