New Meaning for Pony Express

New Meaning for Pony Express

So here in Wisconsin we have a US Postal Mail Carrier who recently delivered mail in the NUDE. For those of you not aware of the weather here, it’s been as cold as -20 degrees F. He was trying to impress a female customer. Now ladies(and some men), explain to me, does having Mr. Dinky play “turtle” so far into a body cavity that he looks like a real life, politically correct “Ken” doll, really cheer someone up? I mean, they say that even Brett Favres’ sexting picture was taken in warm weather, but we NOW know what the number “4” stands for.

How about that, one year ago the Vikes were talking Super Bowl. The only Super Bowl they gots now is a Super Bowl of Snow. HOOO~hoooo. (Where’s Ed McMahon when you need ’em)(He’s dead right?)

Every thing’s going to crap, tornadoes in Oregon(state of), manatees washing up on beaches, trains leaving states, smoking bans being rescinded, idols such as Miley Cyrus doing bong hits??!! She was heard to say, “I only had one hit, just like my Daddy.” HOO~hoo(Still dead?)

Well, we sure as crap aren’t giving up on fun yet, we’ve got three gigs sure to warm your heart like a well deserved Christmas Lump of Coal on an open fire. They’ll cook real well with my Bellagio chips I just “found”. Speaking of craps, Dude, what you gonna do, go back there and say “Ah, like, I found this gambling chip, like worth, like $20,000, and I’d like to, like cash it in. Got a black helmet for sale too.” Dumb-ass.

We’ll be at:

Tofflers in New Glarus -Thursday, Dec 16th @ 8pm

Friday, Dec 17th @ The Hody Bar in Middleton, Wi for *”The Jimmys Funky Holiday Party”*  There will be door prizes, numerous silent action items, baked goods from Mama Alice Voegeli, and a chance to win a Brand New Trek Lime Bike from Budget Bikes, all for another cancer fundraiser for Team in Training and The Luekemia Lymphoma!!

We do this same fundraising at Ludlows in Monroe on Saturday, Dec 18th. Same kind of prizes, tickets for winning the Trec bicyle (bike raffle to last until Jan 22, bike presented to winner at The Harmony Bar that night)

CANCER SUCKS, and we intend on trying, in our own little way, to make a difference, and we wish you would, too.


Love and peace,


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