Thank You -and – I seem to Have Additional Ass Pains Since Thanksgiving

Thank You -and – I seem to Have Additional Ass Pains Since Thanksgiving

First, we the friends of Donna Linderman, would like to thank everyone who came to, or donated to the fundraiser. 1,000 people showed, and money was definately given for a wonderful person, whom we can’t live without. Thank you and the donations can still be given at

We (The Jimmys) are also involved in two other Cancer Fundraisers before Christmas, and would appreciate any help in the form of donations. CANCER SUCKS Links or posters or something, follow this email. I’m as good at computering as is Brystal is at dancing (They shouldn’t have her on Dancing with the Stars during Gun Huntin’ Season up here). There’s been a rush for new TVs since she was on.

Why is it that Airport Screening Pat-Downs remind of Sunday School? Why doesn’t someone pat down that sawed off short shit in North Korea. He kinda reminds me of Marvin the Martian. “Umm that island was in the way of my view of the Pacific Ocean, I must destroy you with my Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator, or just a couple a bombs.” Dumb little ass.

Now that there’s gonna be another Royal(Pain in the ass) Wedding, they’ve decided to give out “Golden Tickets”  Willey Wonka-style to attend. Hows about they give one each to Kim Dong Prick and Charlie Sheen and send em to Minnisotah, hell they throw things more accurate than Ole Grandpa Fumbles up der.
The Jimmys would sincerely like to thank everyone for your support of the band, and wish everyone good napping. Please attend all or some of these Jimmys shows:

Thursday, Dec 9 me with Kyle Henderson and Blue Eyed Soul The Brink Lounge 6
pm start
Thursday, Dec 16 The Jimmys Tofflers 8pm
Friday, Dec 17 The Jimmys The Hody Bar, Middleton, Wi 9pm
Saturday, Dec 18 The Jimmys Ludlow Bar, Monroe, Wi Blues Out Cancer
Fundraiser doors open at 7 pm CHECK OUT LINK!!!

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