MAM Records “Umbrella Music Festival” to Benefit SlaveFree Madison

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MAM Records “Umbrella Music Festival” to Benefit SlaveFree Madison

On Thursday night, December 9th, The National Society of Leadership and Success along with MAM Records, Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and countless other clubs are holding a music festival on behalf of SlaveFree Madison. Since it is a free event, the Umbrella Music Festival is selling collaborative albums and twine bracelets, with all proceeds benefiting SlaveFree Madison.

(Read an Isthmus article on MAM Records here )

(Find out more about SlaveFree Madison here )

The Umbrella Music Festival will take place at the Memorial Union Rathskellar.  It starts at 7:00 pm.

The lineup (presumably in reverse order of appearance) is as follows:



“All Tiny Creatures’ instrumentals blur the line between what a live band can do and what an electronics-obsessed experimenter can create alone at home.” -Onion AV Club

Called “spy rock” by producer Cory Baker, the Choons’ music combines electronica-inspired beats, guitar that’s part new-wave angularity and part surf and jazz ambience, and an obsessive attention to melody. Expertly crafted lyrics meld coming of age with wanderlust and geopolitical grandeur. In their 4 song EP, you’ll hear hints of styles ranging from classical to classic rock, but the closest parallels are the Strokes, Vampire Weekend, and perhaps early Kings of Leon.

It is a collision of the Beastie Boys and Ween…but on a drunken sugar buzz. At a Fambly Fun! show you’ll be required to dance, clap, sing along, and participate in the work-out routine. To chants of Freebird, the band is known to respond with demented hip-hop versions of the song.
“Fambly Fun may be hard to categorize, but their catchy songs make them easy to like.”-The Isthmus

the artist formerly known as
Madison’s Fishhooks claim sailors and reggae among their chief influences, and that gradually begins to make sense as they lurch through five tracks recently posted as a Bandcamp download. For such a dark and potentially confusing take on pop, the Fishhooks’ output so far actually has some memorable heft to it, something to build on as the band tightens up and matures. -Scott Gordon of Madison A.V. Club.

An original funk/soul outfit from madison wisconsin. Funky beats, grooving riffs, and soulful vocals make you dance like you are alone in front of the mirror.

MAM will be selling a compilation CD and here is the track list:

01.  All Tiny Creatures – Comets
02.  Meteorade – Supercharged
03.  Fambly Fun! – Bad Days Wolf
04.  The Count – Wishing
05.  Tom Teslik – Get To Know You Song
06.  Venice Gas House Trolley – Brain Cells Are Invisible
07.  el-tin fun – Lilac Song
08.  Coney Island – The Golden Hour
09.  K. Wilhelm – Island
10.  Pushmi-Pullyu – My Umbrella
11.  John Praw – Panic

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  1. John Kruse
    December 8, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    Thanks for the write-up! We really appreciate it.

    One change, thought: We’re called MAM Records, not NAM. It stands for Mine All Mine Records.

    Thanks again!

  2. Rick Tvedt
    December 9, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    God, sorry about the typo!

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