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Shawndell Marks

Home Demo Vixens

Ashley Daniels

Danielle Brittany

Mike Massey

Rowdy Prairie Dogs – Hanging Out in Barland

Harmony Grove

Sexy Ester & the Pretty Mama Sisters 




20 Reasons Taken Through This Flight
4 Aspirin Morning 4 AM
A Minute Jack Forum Traction Blip
Andina & Rich Two Guitars, A Dulcimer and an Attitude
Anthony Lamarr Opening Night: A Symphony From Sorrow
Art Paul Schlosser Monster
August Teens A Kiss in Wisconsin
Baghdad Scuba Review Breathe
Bandallamas Eye to Eye
Ben Jenkins Something New
Ben Sidran Dylan Different
Beth Kille Ready
Borderlands Shout it Out Loud
Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble An Evening at the Brink Lounge
Casey & Greg Twenty Years, Twenty Songs
Cash Box Kings I94 Bues
Cemetery Improvement Society J.A.N.E.
Chants Onlooker
Chaos Revolution Theory Counter Culture Redux
Clovis Mann Metamorphic
Coloratura Coloratura
Cory ‘O. Dot’ Park Dot U Mentally
Def Crew Ill Type Ish
Dirty Shirts Two Dollar Turpentine
Droids Attack Must Destroy
El Tin-Fun Sunburned Skeptics
Eli August Let This House Burn Slowly
Eugene Smiles Project My American Radio
Fambly Fun As It Always Was
Fortune and Glory Centurion
Fragile Utopia Alive
Harmonious Wail The Vegan Zombie’s Lament
Hometown Sweethearts For Your Party
Ida Jo Providence
Intergalatic Sugar Club Get It On
Jim Erickson Crossroads
John Statz Ghost Towns
Julia McConahay Look Up!
Katy Mai Behind Blue Eyes
Keefe Klug What You Do to Me
Kitty Rhombus Lips and Arms
Liam Moore Solo Duets for Voice and Guitar
Lite Skinded Gangsta Buddies
Lonesome Wyatt Moldy Basement Tapes
LorieAnna Long Way
Lucas Cates Band Turn the Lights On
Mark Croft Evening Flood
MC Starr Corner Store
Meteorade Shaking Strangers
Midwest Beat At the Gates
Mighty Short Bus Forever Endeavor
Mike Behrends New Feet
Mirrors for Windows Reconnaissance
Motion The Campaign Trail
New People The Easy Thing
Northbound Northbound
Null Device Suspending Belief
Orphan Bloom Orphan Bloom
Pints First Round
Rascal Theorist New Frequency
Ridley Materialize
Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons Damn, Girl
Sean Michael Dargan Snap Your Fingers and Stomp Your Feet
Selfish Gene What it Sees, Where it Sleeps
Sensuous Enemy Parity
Shapeless Symmetry Singularity
SpareTime Bluegrass Band Someone to Love
Stukenberg The Silo Project
The Choons The Choons
The Cloth Sea At Last, Awake
The Dirty Shirts Two Dollar Turpentine
The Nod Easy, maverick
The Projection People The Projection People
The Rascal Theorist New Frequency
The Treats Sir Unicorn
The Viscous Circle Escape Wormwood
The Woods Hold on to Gravity
Those Poor Bastards Gospel Haunted
Tracy Jane Comer In a Sentimental Mood
Tret Fure The Horizon
Tribal Call Tribal Call EP
Various Artists Wisco: A tribute to Summerteeth
Wall of Funk Vital Hiatus
Warhawks Mobilize
You Karate Do Yes The Crane Technique



Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo It Ain’t Easy
All Tiny Creatures Segni
Anna Laube Pool All the Love * Pool All the Knowledge
Arp of the Covenant Robot Western
Art Paul Schlosser U’re the Best
Barb Cheron and Tom Heaney Interplay
Bawku West Collective Bawku West Collective, Vol. 1
Beth Kille This Beautiful Beast
Blue Olives Blue Olive Marmalade
Borderlands Shout it Out Loud
Brainerd The Goat Album
Buried Future Symphony of Unnecessary Surgery
Butte I Don’t Want to Complain to You
Cactus Joe and the Guppy Effect Becca
Cajun Stangers Cajun Country Ramble
Calico Drifters Turning Home
Cash Box Kings Cuttin’ Heads at the Cuda Cafe
Caustic Crunchpod
Charles Walker Band Used and Defiant
Chris Bocast & MJ Catalin Stratagem
Christine Costanzo Christine Costanzo EP
Collins, Dan and a Piano Dormitory
Compass Rose And the World Makes Sense Again
Complex Complex  
Comstock Revision  
Damidol William Shatner’s Pecs
Def Crew Ill Type Ish
dumate We Have the Technology
El Valiente Daceton
Eli August I Was Already Too Late
Fedora The Side Project Band
Flight Flying Days
Fortune and Glory Fortune and Glory
Glass Ghosts Never Everything
Hanah Jon Taylor HyrPlasis
Helliphant Powdered Tusk
His & Her Vanities The Mighty Lunge
Icarus Himself Coffins
Isodynamics Isodynamics 2
James Eisele Perseverance
Jimmy Jimmy
Julian Lynch Orange You Glad
Kevin Tubb Workinman’s Dirge
King Cruiser King Cruiser EP
Know Boundaries The Ghost Spell
L.O.S.T. S.O.U.L.S. L.O.S.T. S.O.U.L.S.
La Otrabanda Pueblo Viva
Leeding Zeros Ear Candy
Letter 8 Beauty and Bad Days
Likely Stories Likely Stories
Lords of Discipline Lords of Discipline
Lords of the Trident Forbidden Apocrypha
Luke Jorgensen Remember My Name 
Luna Mortis The Absence
Mad Trucker Gone Mad  Mad Trucker Gone Mad
Mama Digdown’s Brass Band Make Them Say Ooh
Mamigonian, Vartan Mamigonian, Vartan
Margaret, Alison Quartet Shades of Morning
Mark Croft The Possibility of Disaster
Mark Harrod Quietly Marching
Marty Finkel The Good Life
Mauro Magellan My Groovy Road
Midwest Beat At the Gates
Motherhive Syndicate Negative Spaces
New Mountain Kickers Two Days in August
New People The Easy Thing
Oedipus Tex Safado
Optometri Love is Not a Potato
Paul LeFeber Shouldn’t Be Said
Primitive Culture Fantasy
Pupy Costello and His Big City Honky Tonk  Beer Drinking Songs
Revolving Doors Songs for Car Commercials
Ridley I-VII
Rients, Bill The Sweet Life
Roots Collective Rising
Ruby Chew A Simple Gift
Rust Belt Sermon Soliliquy
Ryan Blue Day
Ryan Leech Blue Day
Sabertooth Man Rabble Housing
Scott Lamps Travels
Scott Lamps Evensong
Scott Lamps On the Porch
Sean Michael Dargan  Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Skully-D Lounge Mode Sampler 1
Soul Shaker Soul Shaker EP
Spectrum Trio Spectrum Trio
Steez Creepfunk Crusade
Subatomic Subatomic
Sugar Pups Life Bite Size
Sun Dried Truth Underdog
Sunspot Singularity
The Antiprism The Antiprism
The Body Thief The Body Thief
The Cemetary Improvement Society Lonely Dog Island
The Crest Cheer for Robots
The Earthling Invasion A Star is Born
The No and Maybe Game Survival Evasion & Escape
The Nod Shoddy Heart
The Shtetlblasters Tantz Mit…The Shtetlblasters
The Type This is What We Sound Like
Thomas Wincek Extended Techniques
Tony Brown Freedom Beyond Recognition
Underculture Ice Cream Socialism
Various Artists Union Cab:Rearview Visionaries v.2
Venice Gas House Trolley Synapse Lapse and Reblast!
Vid Liebert Half Gone
Where the i Divides Over the Terminal Moraine
Whitney Mann The Way Back Home
Zebras Parasitic Clones Under The Strong Arm Of The Robot Machine
Zola Jesus The Spoils
Zola Jesus Tsar Bomba
Zola Jesus New Amsterdam


Released in 2008:

8889 – Zoology
Aniv de la Rev – Aniv de la Rev
Aporia – Bare Bones
Awesome Car Funmaker – E for Everyone
Axiom – Philly Phakeout
Blackout Jack – What Happened Last Night
Bratfest 2008
Butt Funnel – Subliminal Boner
Butt Funnel (EP)
Cemetary Improvement Society – Lonely Dog Island
Clovis Mann – Dues
Collins, Courtney and others (Xmas album)
Colony of Watts – Thunder Rock EP
Compass Rose – These Parts Unknown
Corpse Donor
Crane Your Swan Neck
Curl, Amy and Dan Kennedy – Sharing a Head
Dead End Rejects
Dead Luke
DeVillebillies, The
Dick the Bruiser
Droid’s Attack – Split 7″ single
Dz, Rob
Eisele, James
El Valiente
Eldon Caldder
Faces for Radio
Felicia Alima
Feline Abortion
Frederick Rosewood Trio
German Art Students – 7″ single
Haize, Delton
Harmonious Wail
Jentri Colello
John Statz
Josh Harty
Judge Hydrogen
Ka-Boom Box!
Kill Junior
Killer Dolphin with Rabies
Kitty Rhombus
Know Boundaries
Larson, Kristy
Leeding Zeros
Lorenzo’s Music
Lucas Cates Band
Lucha Libre
Madison County
Madison for World Health (Compilation)
Marques Bovre
Mud Angels
National Beekepers Society
Natty Nation
Pale Young Gentlemen
Paprocki, Joe Fred
Price, Herman
Queenie & the Bluecats
Red Romero
Rising Gael
Schlosser, Art Paul
Sensous EnemySexy Esther and the Pretty Mama Sisters – Get Your Love On
Schad, Steve
Sharp & Harkins
Sleeping in the Aviary
Solvesen, Mark
Spires That in the Sunset Rise
The Arge
The Blueheels
The Cutouts
The God Damns
The Gusto
The Hussy
The Midwest Beat
The Runners-Up
The Takebacks
This Bright Apocalypse
Those Poor Bastards
Tim Whalen Nonet
Time Since Western
Trin Tran
United Sons of Toil
Windancer, Dakota
Yid Libert
Yid Vicious
Zola Jesus
Zola Jesus (two Eps in 08)
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