COLORATURA – Coloratura

CD Reviews 08 Nov 2010

COLORATURA – Coloratura

(2010 Self-Release)

Coloratura take rock, punk and screamcore, dissolve it with acidic lyrics and produce something interesting and fresh. Their debut recording is a five-song EP, engineered by the Treats’ Tim Payne in his Standing Water Studios.

The sound is loud and guitar-driven but yet retains some semblance of a clean, single-coil (Fender) guitar tone. The band’s tunes are short, ranging in length from three to five minutes, but that doesn’t mean Coloratura doesn’t make the best of their arrangements, frequently changing things up and delivering a progressive brand of aggressive rock. Yet they also manage to come across as poetic and dark; a beauty born of isolation, somewhat reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails without the industrial overkill.

The themes are not easy to decipher but familiar refrains of broken relationships, wasted opportunities to communicate and mend, and searching for signals and words to decipher what is real are central.

“Signals” is a strong song that takes a couple of turns, culminating in a throbbing bass line section. Elsewhere “Patriarch” suggests Sonic Youth, a slow-burn intro that breaks into the band’s signature power-driven rock with passionate, desperate vocals that are yelled as much as sung. The quartet makes the best of what they’ve got by double-tracking vocals and layering the guitars. If you dig in a little deeper you’ll hear some of the parts intertwining and building tension. “The Words We Say” is another highlight, repeating a common thread of “words” – their use, misinterpretation, and those that go unsaid – between the songs that leaving the singer “at the crossroads, without a hint.” It’s really about the words they don’t say.

There’s something inherently likeable about Coloratura and it will be interesting to see if they can develop their style and produce a full-length that maintains the musical integrity without becoming redundant.

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