Get Yer Mullet On













Get Yer Mullet On

This is going to be like a mullet, business in the front, party in the back.

Business first:

Upcoming Jimmys Shows:

Friday, Oct. 29 Club Tavern-Middleton,Wi 9pm Craig Panosh on drums
Pre-Halloween Party

Wednesday, Nov. 3 Ludlow Bar-Monroe, Wi 8 pm -Richard Wiegel on guitar,Derek Hendrickson on drums!!

Thursday, Nov. 4 Tofflers Bar-New Glarus, Wi 8 pm Craig Panosh on drums

Saturday, Nov. 6 Badger Bowl-Madison, Wi 9 pm Craig Panosh on drums

Saturday, Nov 13 Harmony Bar-Madison, Wi 9:45 pm Craig Panosh on drums

Now the party. Let’s do this Charlie Sheen-style. Weapons, death threats, supposed prescription drug reactions, broken hotel furniture, and then ultimately, a heart felt apology to the people. Oops, that’s the last week of the campaign trail.

Man it’s ugly out there, and it’s hard not to speak up. But I must.

We must use our brains people, by voting common sense instead of fear. Fear is exactly how I was sold a Giant Wind Wall for in front of my house(Great Salesman) No good for 99 years, but hot damn, for today only, it works!

For the O.O.T.(Out of Towners) we’ve got 60 mph(80 kph)(look,
multi-cultural) winds in the Midwest. It’s so windy the much needed toupee for Kittie (another great salesman) looks like presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s hair-do(Nostradamus predicted this one).

There’s so much much crazy crap going on, we’ve lost track of the important things, like Brett Favre may have played his last game ever, at Lambeau Field just like we all wanted. Is this how you spell ironny-irony-ironney?

And the worlds biggest snake died. I thought he was still alive and well in Crawford, Tx. (Alright already, no more.)

We are in the back stretch for completing our debut Jimmys CD. We need a title……anyone? You’ll win something like… a kitten. We will also be back to the wonderful Ludlows Bar in Monroe every first Wednesday of the month. Now get yer scare on and come out and support live music.

Love and Peace,


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