What the World Needs Now is Dove, Sweet Dove…

What the World Needs Now is Dove, Sweet Dove…

dove (duv) n : A person who advocates peace and conciliation in rigorous opposition to armed conflict.
Dove World Outreach Center : a bunch a dumb-asses out to spread hate and fear resulting in worse armed conflict.

What’s going on in the world, this week? Let’s see: People getting acid thrown in their face, fans ejected from Brewers games, tornadoes in Texas, bears attacking care-takers at zoos, new oil rig explosions in the gulf (Spill, baby, Spill!), wildfires in California sparked by an electrocuted bobcat… oh yeah, a pastor that is going to burn the Qur’an for… peace…..conciliation?

Didn’t this guy get kicked out of Germany for his hate rhetoric against gays and lesbians? (you know THOSE people, the ones lucky enough not to marry legally) It might just be me, but I don’t think the 3,000 people who died on 9/11 would want to be honored this way.

It is the season of hate after all, with the campaign season in full swing, this country can’t get much uglier (until you tune in to Larry King – WOW, you really gotta love money to marry that). We should be called “The States of America”, leave off the United and just spend the rest of the year slinging shit onto one another. See how the politicians like it.

We got TEA party people SEEMINGLY hating everything and everyone, you got Republicans saying “Ya what those TEA guys said” (Don’t forget Republicans, you got toilet paper stuck to your pants after your eight-year visit to the Bush Bathroom. Go wipe your Rumsfelds. Since when were you “conservatives”?)

Then we’ve got the clueless Democrats with testicles that look like this (..)

We suck, there are much more important things going on out there than this. Here are some examples; Danielle Staub is leaving Real Housewives of New Jersey, Lyndsey Lohan bought herself a Maserati for finishing rehab (thank god it wasn’t a DeLorean), Paris Hilton busted for carrying gum that looked suspiciously like a bindle of cocaine (you’re dumb and untalented – go buy a DeLorean) and Brittney Spears was charged with “Repeated Unwanted Sexual Advances” (or RUSA as we call it in my house – “Gigiddy gigiddy alright – You’re RUSAing me again!”).

Don’t mean to be self-defecating (hey look, I made up a word like Sarah Palin) but we need to bring this country back to its glory! Are you with me?

(Star Spangled Banner playing surreptitiously in background) Did the Americans give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, NO!! (I know, I’ve used that one before-it pisses off my sisters!) We need to unite as one, to do as our ancestors did (music building) to come together and celebrate life with what was given to us by the Gods——- BEER AND CHEESE!!!!!

That’s right!!!!! (needle scratching accross record) SUMMER IS NOT OVER!! There is soooo much cool stuff going on yet, you still have a chance to show off that beer gut you’ve worked so hard on all summer (you know who I mean)!

First, we want thank EVERYONE for all the great gigs in the last month!! We’ve met wonderful people at The Big Bull Falls Blues Fest in Wausau, UW Madison Blues Fest, Rockford “Clocktower Blues Fest” got to talk to Mayor Dave of Madison. Long talk with “The Gov” Jim Doyle at one show, “We see naked people” at a clothes optional campground (can you say “gravity”, it’s coming for you) and even a gig and picture with Lance Armstrong! What a summer, BUT it’s not over, choose from these great shows and hope to see you out and about, and if you have to start a fire this weekend, start it with junk mail campaign flyers!

Upcoming Jimmy’s Gigs:

Friday, Sept 10 Harry’s Place- Beloit, Wi 7-9pm

Saturday, Sept 11 private party BR Diamond Suite Grand Reopening-Madison  6:30-10pm (Gotta know someone to get in)(Know someone?)Are you one the 13,000 invites?

Thursday, Sept 16 Tofflers in New Glarus (Major celebration TBA) 8 pm

Friday, Sept 17 Grafton Blues Fest, Grafton, Wi  !!headlining!! 9:15 pm

Saturday, Sept 18 Monroe Cheese Days Blues Fest -southside of Monroe Square w/Special Guest -BILLY FLYNN on guitar-  !!headlining!!! 7-10 pm

Friday, Sept 24 Milwaukee Ale House- Milwaukee,Wi(duh) 9 pm

Saturday, Sept 25 New Glarus Brewery Oktoberfest -New Glarus, WI.(double duh)NOON-4 pm

Sunday, Sept 26 Willy Street Fair, Madison, Wi 4 pm (Opening for Wayne Baker Brooks) WMMM Stage

Thursday, Sept 30 Sprechers Beer Garden, Middleton, Wi 8-12 pm

Friday, Oct 1 Dry Bean, Madison, Wi 9 pm

That is all!

Love and Peace,


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