Alright, let’s play a little game called “Yea, errr No.” We’ll start with the important items first.

Is Brett Favre coming back- Yea, errr No? Is he a dickhead-Yea, errr No? (I almost feel bad for Viqueens
fans, but then again, they’re Viqueens fans) Go Minnysota Vicadins rah, rah, rah.

OK, next, is Lyndsay Lohan an overpaid, disrespecting, egocentric brat from an equally overpaid, disrespecting, egocentric, dysfunctional family, Yea, errr No? Do you care, “YEN?” (To shorten the process I’m using the acronym, “YEN?” (To our Japanese fans, please don’t be confused – I’m talking you Ichihiro) Any of my college friends remember “Ichi from Japan,” “YEN?”  I barely do, too.

Were Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson separated at birth, “YEN?”  They don’t drink well, do they? I mean, if you’re gonna act like that when you’re drunk… ahhh, don’t get drunk.

Next, are Bristol Palin and Levi “Button Downs” Johnson getting married, “YEN?”  Mama Bear Sarah Palin speaking of her daughter, said words like “gracious, optimistic, forgiving, henceforth, independent, right.” Someone’s been givin’ her Big Word Sayin’ Lessons. Let’s see if she can spell ’em though.  How dare she use the words “independent” and “right” in the same sentence. Did you know she takes home a handsome pension for THE REST OF HER LIFE for quitting her job, “YEN?”  With fiscal logic like that, she could work for BP………………or does she,”YEN?” The Palin Family said that Levi was “mocking” them. Wow, how ’bout that, he’s mocking Sarah Palin who’s mocking a politician. Irony.

Speaking of BP, does the number “107” mean anything to you, “YEN?” No, it’s not the CEO’s golf game, it’s how many days it took to “totally” stop the flow of oil. Good work boys, take the rest of the day off. Do you think it’s “totally” stopped (I’m not doing that YEN thing any more, it wore out like the “Drill Baby Drill” chant long ago)?

Do you like live music? Enough questions already? Then just get off you’re melting couch and go support live music this week. I’m so excited, I can hardly contain my own “BP” spill (Sorry, mom).

Upcoming Jimmy’s Gigs:

The Jimmys will be at Tofler’s Beer Garden Thursday, August 5th starting at 7pm. As you know, the Wisconsin State Bird is “Culicidae Nematocera” (mosquito) so bring your C.N. repellent.

Members of The Jimmys will be playing with The Jimmys’ Guitar Player, Dave Potter, at The Downtown Beloit Street Dance on Friday, August 6th starting at 5:45pm. “Dave Potter and The Alley Kings” will be opening for “The Eddie Butts Band” in, you guessed it, downtown Beloit.

Saturday, August 7th will be a busy one, first, The Jimmys play at “Blues Around The Clock” Blues Festival at The Clock Tower Inn in Rockford, Il. We play at 5:30pm. Then we run our asses up to Madison to headline The UW Terrace Blues Festival at The UW Union Terrace on the lovely Madison Campus! We start at 10:30pm. The word for Saturday is “pace.” Pace yourselves, it’s gonna be a great day of music in the Tri-State Area (Didn’t want to offend the any Intelligent Design people by calling it the Bi-State Area)

Watch for more great festivals coming up -hint- Dane Dances, Big Bull Falls Blues Fest in Wausau, Wi, Willey Street Fair in Sept, ect., ect.

Hope to see many of you in what’s left of the summer.

Love and Peace,”YEN?”

Jimmy and The Jimmys

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Jimmy Voegeli is a well renown talent from the Madison area. He has a long list of awards with his name, including the 2010 and 2012 Madison Area Music Award for Keyboardist of the Year and the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) 2011 Keyboardist of the Year. He is the band leader for The Jimmys, a "Who's Who" of monster musicians who tour and perform his original music.

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