Mel Gibson, the Barefoot Bandit and BP

Boy, oh boy, the world just keeps gettin’ more and more strange, ya? John Stamos sleeping with teens; wacky-ass step-mom hopefully hiding a kid while trying to kill her husband while having an affair.- now that’s multi-tasking. You go girl! 

Do I need to start in on Mel Gibson? That Road Warrior needs to be an ass-warrior in his own Rose Garden.
Mel Gibson, “Let me see, what demographic have I not totally pissed off? I’ve insulted Jews, blacks, non-Christians, Police.. what can I do now?”
Mel contemplates…”I know, I’ll hit the mother of my child in the mouth, while she’s holding the child, and call her a whore!” “Ya, brilliant!”
No such thing as bad press eh, Mel? I hate stupid people.

Now, what we need is kids more like the Barefoot Bandit. There’s a guy that get’s it done. He self taught himself to fly (not land, though) after teaching himself how to steal a plane. He got cars and boats and planes, vacations in the Bahamas, and all sorts of stuff at the ripe age of 21. Hey duffus, how about stealing a pair of shoes for yourself?

At least the oil spill is in control, what…. oh….. they what…… oh, starting over………. humm. Day 80-what?  I like the politicians that feel bad for BP.  Ironic that when you look at their investment portfolios, they contain stock to…… ya, you fill in the blank! Are you kidding me???????????!!!!!!!!!!!! 80 what days????? Wouldn’t BP’s CEO’s yacht plug the hole, it sure looked big enough to me? Titanic that thing with Mel on it, put a sign down by the gushing hole that says “Mel Gibson’s Ass” and take care of 3 or 4 pains in our butts at one swing.

Ok, I’m done for now. The only thing (well almost the only thing) I can think of to take away the stresses of the world is live music, and boy do we have it!

First, we want to thank all the new fans and friends we’ve met lately. We’ve played some great shows at Summerfest, and Evansville and The Mississippi Valley Blues Festival amongst a few, had a blast doing it, and can’t wait to do more! Summer is in full swing, and we’ve got 3 outdoor gigs this week that will make you forget that Mel Gibson’s fortune is slipping through his bloody hands.

Upcoming Jimmys Gigs:

Wednesday Nights Live Music Series-Grundahl Park, Mt Horeb, Wi  7-8:30 pm
Wednesday, July 14

Toflers of New Glarus (hopefully the sound police will join us again)
Thursday, July 15  7pm

Sprechers Resturant and Pub-Middleton, Wi Friday, July 16, 8-12pm **     

Get out and support LIVE MUSIC, come say hi to Mauro Magellan who’s back after
a month ( with the Georgia Satelites/Dan Baird) playing in Europe(slacker) Winter is just around the corner, unless you’re moving with Lebron to Miami, you’d best enjoy the summer now!!

Love and Peace,

 Jimmy and The Jimmys

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Jimmy Voegeli is a well renown talent from the Madison area. He has a long list of awards with his name, including the 2010 and 2012 Madison Area Music Award for Keyboardist of the Year and the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) 2011 Keyboardist of the Year. He is the band leader for The Jimmys, a "Who's Who" of monster musicians who tour and perform his original music.

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