Mike Carlson and Family Are Ok, But Lose Home in Devastating Fire

Features 30 Jan 2010

Photo submitted for Rick's Cafe feature on Mike Carlson

2010 has gotten off to a rough start.

First the Haitian earthquake left over 100,000 dead and over a million homeless and hungry.  Musicians from around the area joined to raise money by staging benefit events to aid the crisis.

Closer to home, a beloved friend and fellow musician, Mike Carlson, lost his home in a fire on Tuesday, January 26th.  No one was hurt in the blaze but the home and its contents are a total loss.

Carlson is the owner of MC Audio and has been a fixture on the local DJ scene for decades. Friends and fellow DJs have set up a PayPal account to raise money for the displaced family. You can donate by going to PayPal and sending money to the following email address: mikeandfamilybenefit@gmail.com

On Wednesday the 27th at the Inferno, a benefit was held to raise more money. Helping out were: DJ Eurotic, Alan!, Cykophuk, Wyatt Agard, Psy-Phi, and DJ Foundation.

According to the Dane101 site, friends and relatives are “looking for clothes for the Carlsons. Mostly Men’s L and XL clothes, size 34-38 waist for Mike and Jake. For Jen and Rachael, size S women’s and juniors clothing.

And if this helps:
Jake (15) is in to sports, especially football and Rachael (13) is very fond of the color black, as well as rock/goth music.”

Rachael is an avid player and also a drummer. The family was looking for a guitar for her and at Wednesday’s benefit she received four of them!

The family is also looking for anyone with pictures. Fortunately, there are some pictures from a Rick’s Cafe article and we’ll be forwarding those to the family.

You can read Dane101’s full coverage here:


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