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If you are a local songwriter, have set your own instruments on fire in the creative process (figuratively or otherwise), and have a song that you think deserves to be in someone’s (or everyone’s) permanent iTunes rotation.  Send it to me.

If it’s on a CD with other songs, include a note that highlights the song you think is the standout piece along with some details… like how it came about; what you like most about it; how your mother, who always shouts when she has the headphones on, says “I can’t understand any of the words!”  at the very part of the song you particularly wanted her to hear so she misses it every time; how you are only ever comfortable performing this song naked, in the desert, after three days of fasting and a new tattoo; how it reminds you of how immature your inner child is; how you burned the tofu meatloaf while you were writing it because you were so engrossed in the creative process you couldn’t hear the timer so you ended up having to borrow a couple of eggs from your neighbor and that’s how you met the love of your life about whom the song is not, but he/she inspired it just the same; how the lyrics came about as you were skydiving and your chute wasn’t deploying and you suddenly felt connected to everything all at once as you thought “Whoa! People DO look like ants from way up here!”; something; anything, really.  Be sure to send some contact info too.  Email… phone… MyFace (either one or both)…

If you send it, I will listen to it all the way through and pay attention to it while I do, too.   And let’s face it, in this day and age of short attention spans and a saturated market that’s not a bad offer.  

Here’s the address:

Local Sounds Magazine   c/o Wish I’d Written That

PO Box 7695

Madison, WI  53707

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