Lords of the Trident @ The Majestic Theater October 1, 2009

lott 1Lords of the Trident @ The Majestic Theater October 1, 2009

Submitted by MD Stevens

The Majestic was electrically charged with the anticipation of Power Metal. A thunderous voice breaks through the crowds cheers welcoming everyone to “the most metal night” of their lives. A few rules are laid down warning those present not to try to reclaim any severed limbs, and those who are brave enough to approach the stage will be greatly rewarded in Valhalla. And the Lords of the Trident take the stage to a floor shaking reception.

The Lords of the Trident are a musical experience no audience can forget. With songs called the Virgin Vault (a mythical place full of women where a warrior could lose his soul) and Robots Revenge (a song about a cleaning robot that snaps and begins a killing spree), their music is nostalgically reminiscent of the great power metal bands of the 80’s with lyrical themes focusing on fantasy and mythology. Their ballad song, Alone in Cole Hall, ‘takes it down’ for the audience as front man, Fang Vonkillenstein jumps to the floor to dance with a few ladies.

Of course, just looking at the Lords of the Trident, one knows they are in for a ride. The lead vocalist is a barbarian called Fang VonKillenstein who could easily take Steven Tyler’s title as the scream-demon. Not that the band needs another demon. Korgoth, the drummer, is demon enough. Asian Metal, the samurai guitarist, Killius Maximus, the gladiator guitarist and Captain Bluddbeard, the pirate bassist, work together to create evocative and bewitching riffs and rhythms that forges a sound all their own. But their sound is only a part of the whole experience. The Lords of the Trident have a stage show comparable to Alice Cooper or Rob Zombie. But the Lords replace snakes, corpses and asylum inmates with raging battles against the audience, to ensure they stay on their toes. And Fang’s barbaric metal fury keeps gives the audience a thrill when his microphone and guitar erupt in flames.

The Lords have their CD, Death or Sandwich, for sale at all their shows and have plenty of merchandise for fans to show their support. This band is intense and dedicated, headlining shows and opening for bands such as ZoSo and Beatallica. This a band to watch!

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