Jennie DeVoe Brings Strange Sunshine to the Frequency June 27

DeVoe photoSoul-blues singer Jennie DeVoe will play the Frequency this Saturday in support of her new album, Strange Sunshine.  The album was produced by PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish and is DeVoe’s fourth.  This is an early show and starts at 6 PM. DeVoe opens for Jason Horowitz.

An Indiana native, DeVoe got her career kickstarted by winning Billboard’s World Song Contest in the Best Pop Song category in 2004. “Pop” doesn’t begin to describe DeVoe, however, as she melds Ani DiFranco-like folk swagger with the soul of Aretha and the gutsy blues vocals of Susan Tedeschi. Throw in a stylistic approach not unlike Lucinda Williams and a Dylan-esque knack for creating poetic lyrics and you’ve got one hell of a combination.

“My subject matter is fairly reality-based,”  DeVoe says, “which is what I’ve always loved about records by Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Billie Holiday, and Otis Redding. They’re just singing about life. I tend to keep one foot in the old school world of soul while always searching for new inspirations. I wanted Strange Sunshine to feel free and loose and be steeped in emotion. That’s what I crave when I listen to music and that’s what I strive for on each of my albums.”

Parish brings a restrained beuty to the proceedings (he also produced DeVoe’s previous CD, Fireworks & Karate Supplies). There’s an authenticity he brings that give the recording a retro, truly American feel.

Undoubtedly, DeVoe likes to kick it up a few notches live. Her voice is a powerhouse, whether wailing or pleading and her emotional delivery is sure to connect at the intimate Frequency.




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