CAUSTIC – This Is Jizzcore

CD Reviews 10 Jun 2009


CAUSTIC – This Is Jizzcore

(2009   Self-Release)

No one will ever accuse Matt Fanale, the force behind Caustic, of having a crappy work ethic.  Every year or so he unleashes not only a new full length CD, but also a remix disc that’s either bundled with the CD or released later on.  (The remix disc that followed his first full length CD, Unicorns, Kittens, and Shit, also had a commentary disk that featured him and some friends talking over the CD while consuming copious amounts of alcohol.)  The newest effort from this prolific one-man industrial band, This Is Jizzcore, apparently invents a new genre of music and is available as either as a double CD or a double CD with a bonus three-inch CD that has acoustic versions of some of his music.

No one will say that he backs down from what he believes in, either.  Unicorns, Kittens, and Shit ran into production delays due to some pornographic artwork on the inside sleeve that the printing company wasn’t fond of, but his newest CD has artwork on the front cover that some would consider smut, and he’s going full steam ahead with it as if to spite those who had previously crossed his path.  Past Caustic CDs were primarily instrumental, but This Is Jizzcore finds him screaming his trademark hoarse, brutish vocals on roughly half the CD and a read through the lyrics paints a picture of a determined individual who isn’t going to let any outside forces bring him down.  Upon hearing his hellish screaming on tracks such as “Agent Of Chaos” (with repeated samples of Popeye saying “blow me”) and “The Bible, The Bottle, The Bomb”, one can sense that he isn’t the type of person to give peace a chance and would rather mix diabolical messages onto a John Lennon recording played backwards.

Someone might look at the name of the CD and some of the song titles (“Cock Blockin’ Beats”, “Teabaggin'”, “Funkbot Vs Spunkbot”) and judge him to be a somewhat twisted comedian, but this is a record that has both serious and goofy elements in it.  And good luck trying to pigeonhole Caustic into any one genre; much of what’s here are the pounding beats of uncatchy powernoise, but there are tributes to his old school industrial heroes (the track “Bacia La Copra” sounds like a spitting audio image of Ministry’s “The Land Of Rape And Honey”). “I Wanna Stay Wasted” is an a cappella ditty about the virtues of not being sober, and on “Lady Business” he sounds like he’s dug up and reanimated the corpse of Issac Hayes.

One attribute of Caustic’s music is that he frequently collaborates with other artists. “Formula 420” finds Caustic merging with Assemblage 23 frontman Tom Shear’s IDM side project Nerve Filter.  Never one to take himself too seriously, he has on occasion enlisted the services of others to tell him how much his music sucks; DarkNES, the singer of The Gothsicles, raps on “Teabaggin'” how he wants to do just that to Caustic, but Fanale takes his self-depreciation to another level by talking comedian Doug Stanhope into trashing his music at the end of “Agent Of Chaos” and again at the end of the disc.  As someone who seems to always be pushing to outdo himself, it will be interesting to see who he can talk into trashing his music on his next CD.

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