SAMARAH – Robots Smile Too

CD Reviews 10 Jan 2007

samarah robotsSAMARAH – Robots Smile Too

(2006   Belladonna Records)

Samarah is a significant musical force and her star continues to rise.  Her burgeoning Belladonna Records is beginning to take off and this newest addition to the roster is a fine production that highlights why this evolving artist is turning on so many with her alluring vocals and minimalist aural presence.  Robots Smile Too is Samarah’s fourth EP and her shimmering sense of style and subtle use of space is becoming more refined and full-bodied.  But it’s never enough.  She only taunts us with her quick brushes with sonic hallucinations. 

The five tracks on this EP flow by with a tranquility and emotive presence that has become her trademark.  The tightly controlled blips and pops are sculpted into breathy, sexy offerings, all slow and deliberate, stony and succulent.  But I want more.  I want Samarah to display a full-length album that provides a deeper understanding of where this artist is moving.  The final track offers an ambient soundscape that is both haunting and compelling, not to mention all too brief.  Just as my curiosity is piqued, just as I’m ready for another chapter, the EP is over and the CD spins for one last second before resting. 

But I’m not done yet.  I’m just getting started and I want more and deeper and longer and crazier sounds to seep from my speakers.  Maybe one of Samarah’s strengths is that she always leaves me wanting more.  God knows that I salivate just a little whenever I hear she’s released some more music.  But as enticing as this artist and her art may be, I can only handle so much teasing.  Four EPs, each shining and pure, are a perfect introduction to Samarah.  But now that I know her, now that we’ve been introduced, it’s time for a long, deep, satisfying conversation.  I truly hope she accepts my challenge and records a full-length album that confirms her as one of the Midwest’s finest electronic voices.

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