ICE CAP FORTUNE – Taking a New Shape

CD Reviews 10 Jul 2006

Ice Cap Fortune CD Scan0001ICE CAP FORTUNE – Taking a New Shape

(2006   Self-Release)

Ice Cap Fortune’s first album was a surprisingly strong effort given that all but one of the members were still in high school.  But after witnessing the Launchpad competitions and hearing other young local bands, it is beginning to become apparent that kids these days know a lot about music and what it takes to make good music, including the dedication part. Christ, when I was eighteen I couldn’t keep my hand out of the doobie jar, much less focus long enough to write music of this caliber.

Ice Cap follows up Stay on the Line with this new six-song EP, an even stronger effort that mines slightly deeper emotional territory, though mostly the lyrics hint at a wonderment of life and love. Ah, youthful exuberance.

The crown jewel of this set has to be “The Beauty of Exhaling,” a fairly typical pop-rock tune, buoyant with optimism, until you reach the middle section where the song absolutely lifts off.  Ice Cap are great singers and this is the facet that makes them sparkle.  I also really like the dynamic build that runs the final two minutes of “Love.”  Rock glory.  The EP opens with “Starting Over,” which sounds like Green Day-influenced power punk until you notice that the drummer, Chad Comello kicks some major butt. “The Sunshine” gets two different treatments, a testament to Ice Cap’s ability to arrange a tune; the first is a straight-ahead rock-out, while the reprise focuses on lead vocalist Taylor Martin’s piano, segueing into the final track, the poignant piano ballad “Sweet Dissonance.”

Sonically, Taking a New Shape is total ear candy; a superior, balanced mix with thunderous bottom end and a kick drum sound that’s to die for.  The band worked once again in Flite Studios but also at Smart Studios with Justin Perkins, who tempers the band’s edge with an element of beauty.  But it wouldn’t be anything without the raw materials of a good ensemble. 

The last of Ice Cap’s members just turned eighteen which means they are now able to play in liquor establishments.  They’ve already toured and know how to use a stage so I’m sure we’ll all be seeing a lot more of them. It’s almost frightening to think of these lads’ potential should they hit their stride.

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