FULL VINYL TREATMENT – Full Vinyl Treatment

CD Reviews 10 Jan 2006

Full Vinyl Treatment CD ScanFULL VINYL TREATMENT – Full Vinyl Treatment

(2005   Self-Release)

Written by Shelley Peckham

Paving the way for their forthcoming album, Full Vinyl Treatment’s self-titled EP is brimming with just about all of the intensity and command that the average person can handle.  This recording depicts the four-year-old band as a tightly knit assemblage of rhythm-heavy rockers who possess a strong grasp of group dynamics. 

Unlike some bands that are led by one or two of their musicians, Full Vinyl Treatment fully understands the value of each member and shows them off accordingly.  Singer Jasin Shaw’s menacing growl has just the right amount of push and pull.  Nate Haugle (guitar) and Greg Norman (bass) play a fuzz-filled game of throw-and-catch over the rollicking beats of drummer Terry Benson, who is described in their own words as “Ginger Baker meets (Tool’s) Danny Carey.”

This is a dark, fast-moving recording.  If you’re not strapped in for the first few notes, you won’t get many chances to crawl back into your seat later.  The first track, “You’re Damn Lucky I Wore My Boots,” sounds like a shadowy jam-band tune but with a better sense of time management.  “Displacement” and “Sex ‘n’ Cigarettes” are perhaps the most universally appealing songs of this five-track batch and also have the strongest sense of melodic drive.     

 The band describes their influences as “spoken word to Swedish metal, blues to British doom, and punk to jazz-fusion.”  Despite the impact of these varied styles colliding, the most impressive thing about Full Vinyl Treatment’s EP is its ability to drag the intensity of its highs down to chilled-out lows in a matter of seconds and bounce back again before you know where you’ve been.

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