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(2003 Darlingtonet)

  Style: Fingerstyle Guitar and Vocal

Titles:Blue Days, Black Nights (2:04) St. Louis Blues (2:20) My Creole Belle (2:49) Goodbye My Bluebelle (1:54) A Good Girl Is Hard To Find (2:44) Louis Collins (2:27) Thirteen Question Method (2:50) Windy And Warm (2:09) Here Comes The Sun (2:30) Nobody’s Business (2:25) Deep River Blues (2:45) La Vie En Rose (3:00)



Musicianship:  ***               

Composition:               N/A  

Lyrics/Interpretation: *** 

Production:   ***                   

Packaging:  ***  

Total: 12 out of 16


Richard Wiegel is a long-time fixture on the Madison area music scene, having been a member of several bands: The Bowery Boys and Clicker in the seventies; Johnny & The Hawaiins and Out of The West in the eighties; nineties groups The Swing Crew, Wisconsin Opry and his current band, The Midwesterners.  This is Wiegel’s solo debut and is a collection of twelve cover tunes that span across some generational boundaries and allow Wiegel the opportunity to display his fingerstyle brand of guitar playing. He also possesses a smooth, rich voice that is well suited for this type of material.

Wiegel’s favorite source appears to be “Mississippi” John Hurt, covering three of his tunes as well as a rendition of Chuck Berry’s “Thirteen Question Method” and George Harrison’s “Here Comes The Sun.”

Fans of Catfish Stephenson will find many similarities, although Wiegel’s delivery is a little more stiff and his playing not quite so fluid.

The instrumental tracks are especially pleasant listening: M. Christian’s “Goodbye My Bluebelle,” John Loudermilk’s “Windy and Warm,” and the more classically influenced “La Vie En Rose.”  Even the Harrison cover works when adapted to the fingerstyle method that Wiegel employs.

It’s nice to hear Wiegel venture out on his own and gain his own voice.  It would be great to hear him try out a few of his own compositions in the same type of intimate and warm setting.

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